Feli Nandi readies for another Jazz and Soul treat

All is set for the Feli Nandi concert this Friday the 12th of November 2021 hosted by Theatre in the Park. The concert organized in partnership with Dollarbill Entertainment is dubbed ‘Jazz and Soul Friday Night’ and will be starting from 6 PM going down to 9 PM. The ‘Unotyei’ hitmaker says she is very ready, excited and can’t wait to be performing and engaging her fans.  

By Passmore Ndlovu

We are so excited to be performing on Friday and we can’t wait to have a full house where we will be singing and dancing together”

Feli Nandi

Feli Nandi born Felistus Chipendo started off as a backing vocalist for Mbeu and The Mhodzi Tribe Band. She left the band to launch her solo career and gained a huge fame when she teamed up with Trevor Dongo for their song ‘Mufudzi Wemombe’ released in 2020.  In 2021, she released her self-titled album ‘Feli Nandi’. Her songs like Munhu Wangu, Unotyei and Kukurumidza have earned an amazing airplay on local radio stations like Star FM, ZiFM, Capitalk 100.4 FM and others. She has done several live performances at both private and public events. 

Feli Nandi

Nakai Tsuro, one of the biggest fans who never gets to miss Feli Nandi says she can’t even wait for the concert. Tsuro goes on to say that she fell in love with this beautiful voice and that the latest self-titled album is always on repeat at home, in the office and in the car. 

Feli gives me the joy, I love her music. She is talented and I don’t want to miss her shows. I play her music at home, in my office and when driving in my car. I can’t miss the Friday concert”


During the national COVID-19 lockdown, she has had numerous virtual performances on Nash TV, Theatre in the Park among other online platforms. According to the fans, she is a music diva and is commended for her stage presence. Her deep Shona lyrics and powerful messages conveyed in a modern musical style are so impressive.  

The admission is $10 and tickets are available to book in advance at the Theatre in the Park.


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