Freeman HKD’s ROBBERY turns out to be a heist

One of the most anticipated albums in Zimbabwe this year ROBBERY by Freeman HKD has finally dropped after a long wait. In his traditional consistent format, Freeman delivered an impeccable body of work. The album is literally a heist.

By Plot Mhako

Seizing everyone’s attention, the online narrative and setting the streets in an explosive mood. The cravings and the album’s immediate impact can be evident from the speed at which piracy pounced on it. The very unfortunate development (which is prophetically captured in the song Gomba) however seem not to dampen the spirit within the HKD camp.

Robbery is stealing people’s hearts in broad day light”


One indisputable fact is that Freeman HKD has been one of the most consistent artists in the last decade. In that decade we have experienced the evolution of the HKD BOSS leading up to this moment of “Robbery” which is his 11th album. With a Freeman album, one is always guaranteed to be served with groovy afro-dancehall vibes and on this one, he made sure that this body of work was well oiled and packed up. 

The album exhibits what growth and a continues conversation between Freeman and his 5 Star Gallis family worldwide, something HKD BOSS has been able to do well over the last decade and propelling him to the top of the most sought after artists list.

Whats more striking in the songs is his great command of street lingo and deep metaphors which mirrors his rich urban and rural upbringing.

“ROBBERY as a title, is inspired by the losses that many people have endured over the last 2 years due to COVID-19. Not only through life but also, socialising, working, and all things that make us human. However, it also shares how much one has been robbed of their love whilst giving it to someone who in turn doesn’t reflect the same. In short, it’s a metaphor which means or captures the moment which we live in now”.


What’s interesting is his collective of producers on the project; Sunshine Family (Tynash and Shelton), Rodney Beats, Cymplex & Shamex whom he has always brought runaway smash hits with. We are reminded of how a Sunshine Family and Freeman’s joint feels like on the party record “Tanakidzwa”, a song that is set to fill dance-floors, and a Cymplex and Freeman song beats on “Wairesi”. And a compelling listen and thematic production is brought forward by new producer Shamex on “Gomba”.

The album only featured collaboration “Chimhanya” which features the Queen of HKD Family Daruler and Tocky Vibes.


Already this year Freeman HKD has been rocking the streets with singles Pombi and What’s Your Name?

Robbery reaffirms that the artist has set himself for a long distance marathon in the industry. An artist who glides lyrically with so much ease, capturing the daily struggles, aspirations and achievements of the average citizen.

The goal is to create memorable music that represents my story and journey that I have been on ever since I came through as an artist, but to also to make is as enjoyable as possible”


Credit _ Michelle Mukaro _ HKD Records

You can access the full album here:


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