JoyRukanza’s Queendom; Enthralling body of work

One can be an exceptional artist but consistency is a rare skill maintain. JoyRukanza is one musician who is proving to possess both attributes and is determined to conquer the world with her music and creative magic. Her latest and awe inspiring offering Queendom whose well invested music video shot in Tanzania sets the tone for what the UK based Zimbabwean gem is gunning for.

By Plot Mhako

JoyRukanza released Queendom on the 8th of October 2021 the music video for her third single “Queendom” from her highly anticipated album MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS.“Queendom” is a pop and reggae-infused record with lyrical content that serves to share an aggressive message about the empowerment of females, through the use of a love story. It is an ode to all African queens and through its production conveys power and dominance.

Shot in various carefully selected locations the near hair raising video captures a story of a powerful woman who deals with her cheating boyfriend with her squadron of women.

Joy Rukanza

Faster than her usual ballads and bearing both subdued and comparatively loud segments,“Queendom” is a single release in which JoyRukanza fans and beyond are likely to take interest.

This one is very special to me. “Queendom” is a departure from the usual soft melodies that I am known for, and in this record, I specifically echo sentiments that empower women and probes them to be the best version for themselves. I wrote the song after the slewed rise in gender-based violence cases which were recorded globally when the pandemic started and a lot of us were locked down.

Joy Rukanza

She added that this project was extremely challenging yet rewarding. They had to plan and coordinate the project remotely due to the pandemic, which saw me working with a team of dedicated creators across Africa.

I recorded the song in Zimbabwe in 2020 and shot the visuals this June in two Tanzanian locations – Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo. I traveled from the UK, my makeup artist flew infrom South Africa with a wardrobe that was curated remotely by my South African stylist-while we had our creative producer traveling from Zimbabwe.


She felt honored to work with an extremely dedicated cast and crew from Tanzania while also experiencing the rich cultural offerings from historical sites like Bagamoyo. 

Joy Roselyn Rukanzakanza is a Zimbabwean singer and songwriter known artistically as JoyRukanza. In January 2021, she released her debut song “New Day” featuring SouthAfrica’s hip-hop sensation and multi-award act – KiD X. After a successful reception of NewDay, she followed up with another successful record, “Roses”. She has been featured in Enosoul’s projects and is also part of Chymamusique’s recent offering “Musique”. The colorful tapestry of her music reveals itself in the multi-genre offering in her upcoming debut album MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS, which is set to be released before the end of 2021.

“Queendom” is available for streaming on all digital platforms where you can also follow JoyRukanza for music projects.



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