Get to know the visionary CAITLIN MIN FA 

Well being an independent artist requires one to put in a lot of work compared to one having support from record label. CAITLIN MIN FA is an artist who has been putting up excessive work towards her carrier. Making music to be famous is different from making music that we make people connect with.


CAITLIN MIN FA amazing voice that’s cuts deep to the soul and opens up to super amazing vocals and melodies. Recently she dropped I NEED U which doubles down on that confidence, from presence to lyrics to tract titles. Lets face it women currently have the button stick are leaving huge strides.

Her mesmerising voices floating on YOUNGER SELF

1. What does music, and making it, mean to you?

Music has always been a way of expressing myself and being able to connect with people. Music is such a powerful thing and being able to make someone smile brings me huge joy, especially when it’s one of your own songs. My main goal as an artist is to be able to lift others up.

2. Social media has changed our perception of artist development, how has the shift impacted your career and music?

Social media has really enabled me to get my voice and my music out there, reaching new audiences and people all over the world.

It’s allowed me to connect with other artists where we can support one another with a simple click of a button. Additionally, it has also helped me to create a closer community with my fans, encouraging me to explore fun new content ideas to further build on my relationship with them.


3. What’s the story behind, ‘ I NEED U ‘?

It’s a song about gratitude. Being grateful for the people around you who always pick you up in times of need. Being able to celebrate the wins together and catch each other in the downfalls. We forget to appreciate how life is better with them in it. Equally, when we don’t say ‘I love you’ enough to the ones we love, so the song is like a love letter to them.

4. Any African musicians you are listening too at the moment?

KYE. I have always loved her voice and loved her music. I’ve been listening to a lot of her new releases. She’s killing the game!

5. You have a smooth and clear voice, did you go for vocal training?

Thank you so much! I’ve been singing since I was 8 and officially began vocal training at the age of 11, where I later became a vocal coach at the academy.

6. You are creating your own piece of art, what is it like?

I have so much creating each of my single releases’ cover art. I usually do a standard photoshoot, fitting to my vision for the song. I then cull the images to see which ones I like or could create something really cool with. I don’t do much editing or effects to the chosen image. A lot of the time it’s just the composition for me and having the right colours of contrast. ‘I Need U’ was the first cover that looked a bit more abstract.


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