No Zimbabwe hit-songs debate: The BIG lie

There has been an ongoing debate about hitsongs in songs in Zimbabwe for 2021 with many submissions pointing out that there have been no hitsongs this year.

By Argus Mepo

I beg to differ and here are some of my reasons:

1) The inception of Covid-19 has reshaped the music industry from the traditional mechanisms of pushing music (radio, bars, kombis, saloons, public spaces etc) to the digital world (music streaming platforms and social media sites like Facebook, Tiktok, IG etc)

2) It can sometimes be  difficult to locate hitsongs on these traditional platforms but lets see the impact that some songs have on the digital spaces, hence we had some hitsongs for 2021.

3) Kae Chaps gave us Juzi, Jah Prayzah had Murder, Freeman released Pombi, Mambo Dhuterere and Mbeu made a banger, Kujata jata is trending, Nutty O’s album is number 1 on Apple Music and Handipere Power is the song of the moment.

4) Just because there are no liveshows, bars are closed it doesn’t mean that we dont have hit-songs.

5) The digital spaces are a new domain for locating hitsongs in this new normal. You cant trash a songs that are being on Youtube, Spotify, Facebook and Tiktok, etc just because haina kuridzwa nemakorokoza or because makombi haasi kufamba. 

6) The no hitsong  mantra is a social construction that is created by us fans otherwise sometimes which is clouded by hatred and jealousy towards artists who are doing it big.

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