D.T Bio Mudimba’s KUJATA-JATA an ultimate hit!

2021 a year that had generally been regarded “Hit-songs” starved has a pleasant surprise, a gift that will definitely usher us into the the festive season in the form of the song Kujata Jata from D.T Bio Mudimba whose real name is Day Tawanda Ncube of Binga. Whats more fascinating is that this song was released in November last year.

By Plot Mhako

Iam told the song has been doing the most in many areas is an absolute masterpiece.

I curse the many times people tagged me and made reference to the song but i never bothered to check it until last night when one friend Phinias Mushayi inboxed me talking about the song. That was the moment i decided to check it out and i was totally blown away. I have literally been hooked on the track the whole day.

The track exudes the beauty of our cultural diversity and multi-lungua society. A value we seldom forget to embrace.

Sang in Tonga and Shona the song is talking about a social life scene where in a family, children are having misfortunes in their daily love lives and when they visit spiritual churches, they are told that in the family there was once a granny who used juju to progress in life then unfortunately she passed on and her juju now causes bad luck to the grand children.

The singer goes on to discourage use of juju (traditional charms) to prosper in life.He sites another scenario where a certain guy called Skimbo was deceived by fake herbalists because of his love for money.

The song was produced by D.T Bio Mudimba himself.

In a very interesting pattern the artist follows the footsteps of 2018 Mebo hitmaker Obert Chari, 2019’s rise of Mambo Dhuterere and 2020’s emergence of Mark Ngwazi. There are several common denominators on these three artists. They all rose as dark horses coming from unknowns to stardom, offering superbly composed songs with deeper meaning, accompanied by non-contemporary sounds.

Obert Chari was coming from Chegutu, Mambo Dhuterere who hails from Guruve was based in Botswana and now we have DT Bio Mudimba coming from Binga. All their songs had been released several months before shooting to prominence.

This song did solid 13 weeks on number 1 on Radio Zim and National FM. Ende ichiri kuenda. Vakatadza kuibvisa patop

Daniel Maposa

This song is a banger…. 1 thing i have seen that is missing in the sound of a lot of our artist is the lack of indigenous musical instruments even if it is just drums… hopefully they will incorporate these soon… just like what Black Motion is doing in SA

Luckson Makatu

This is a great piece artistic prowess, never mind the language barrier, good music is a language on it’s on own, keep on the great work and God will surely bless you

Alfonce Gwatidz

The accompanying beat flows effortlessly with rhythmic dexterity that gives Sungura a finesse touch and D.T Bio Mudimba’s vocals adding some magic.



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