Solid, loaded: The Mustard Seed album Review

Social media and the streets are all filled with joy and happiness as fans  are busy harvesting the golden album the mustard seed which was released by by Nutty O on the 24th of September.  

By Argus Mepo 

Its a complete fourteen track  action packed package with stunning features from diverse music champions. Indeed, the first cut is the deepest, this debut album is a bridge that is definitely going to connect and link Nutty O to all the superstars across the globe. 

The album is complete, solid and loaded. It has the potential of turning into an orchard, then into a forest that will cover the global space, enabling him to represent Zimbabwe on an international space.

Just a few hours after its release it set the music streaming platforms ablaze trending, even on Twitter, he is number 1 trending. 

The Mustard Seed was well watered by hard work and sweat, deeply rooted and highly fertile. This is going to eventually  lead to a paradigm shift of his music and sound thereby birthing his own musical trademark. The good part of it is it will enable him to compete with himself and  with all support and work, he will join fellow African music counterparts like Davido, Wizkid, Oma Lay, Burna Boy and Fireboy DML, among others who are already at the top. 

Nutty O

He has emerged as the voice of reason as he has continued to lobby for the upliftment of young people. Peter Pan is that song were he assures to be champion of representing the plights of the ghetto youths given the opportunity. During this period when youths are indulging in activities like drug and substance abuse, criminal activities plus the Covid-19 lockdown, youths need a role model and exemplary leader like him. Nutty O’s win is also a win of all the ghetto youths. 

The other reason why l believe this album is big is because its diverse, accomodative and well balanced, a wide range of people can relate and resonate with some of the songs in the album. It was also filled filled with an aura of hope, a fuel that energise and encourage people to soldier on despite the life challenges. Handipere power is one such song, many people are getting tired with these life issues but he punched the life challenges when openly told them UNONYEPA IWE, like wise folks MUSAPERE POWER. Success featuring Stone Boy is also a hustlers anthem encouraging and motivating people to work. These are the answers that people are waiting to hear out there.   

A lifetime without love is of no account and that is why the Mustard Seed also tackled love issues because it is of great benefit to humanity. Be my girl with Kae Chaps, Finesse, Kokorigo, Shoulder and Ndiwe featuring Dermaco are perfect songs that addressed various areas around love. 

With the festive season around the corner, the germination of the seed is inevitable, with songs like Ready featuring his long time ally Ex Q and Reverse which has Amapiano elements  have the potential to electrify and transform the holiday  events. They are set to be party vibes, the same way Kokai did last year. 

Kungfu is in its own league its a classic and is symbolical to the career of Nutty O. He has managed to break many barriers he has faced during his rise, personally he once said, “pane vaiti mfanha wepatwa haalume”.

 The legendary producers who worked on this golden album also putted extra work. Dj Tamuka, Mac Dee, Pablo, Jusa Dementor, JMP, Rodney Beats as well as Rayo Beats. The quality sound is impressive.

 From this album, l hope corporates have also learnt that Nutty O is a bankable artist who can collaborate with them for the growth of their businesses. Many songs in the album can be panel-beat into commercial and promotional jingles to boost the relevance of their businesses. 

Above all, the Mustard Seed is a complete puzzle that was perfectly designed to address the life and societal questions of the day. Well done champion. 

Lastly, undermine Nutty O and the Mustard Seed at your own peril, he is way ahead.


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