A double shot of confidence for Distrohive Music at the 10th ZimAchievers Awards, UK

Zimbabwe creatives especially in music have for a long time bemoaned the lack of corporate support. Well, if the events from last week’s 10th edition of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards are anything to go by then a new season is upon us. Distrohive Music joined Doves’s Zororo Phumulani Funeral plan and World Remit in sponsoring the 10th anniversary of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards hosted at the Mayfair Hotel, in London on Saturday, 11th September 2021.

By Fadzai Mathabire

The high profile event celebrated Zimbabwean excellence in the world of fashion, business, philanthropy, entertainment and sport was a highlight of the month.  Distrohive Music gave a shot in the arm by sponsoring the “Distrohive Outstanding Achievement in Music” Award which were scooped by Gary Mapanzure, and Simba (Shared) and Rachel Chinouriri respectively.

In recognition of the work in promoting music Charles Guvamatanga affectionately known as Torro the co-founder of Distrohive Music was awarded an honorary award.

In his acceptance speech Charles Guvamatanga said, “I received an award at the ZimAchievers Awards, I feel so happy and proud to be appreciated by my own community. I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for the encouragement and support. This comes at a time that my company has set up one of the biggest music distribution platforms in the world, Distrohive Music”

Charles Guvamatanga and Jordan Link at the ZimAchievers Awards

The show of confidence speaks volumes on the work being done by Distrohive.

A big thank you to Zimbabwe Achievers Awards and the outgoing Chairman Conrad Mwanza for giving us a platform to associate our brand Distrohive Music with such  a prestigious event and an organisation which celebrates excellence in our community.” 

Distrohive Music

Jordan Link, Co-founder of Distrohive Music expressed his gratitude to ZAA on Facebook this week as he posted, “All I can do is be thankful to the heavens for how far we’ve come and how much of a long way we still have to go. For now i’m going to bask in the rays of this sunshine called Progress.


Distrohive Music is oneof Africa’s leading music distributors working to provide independence for African artists while exposing them to a global audience.

Their support for the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards UK shows their continued commitment to the growth of the music industry. Distrohive Music offers artists support, setting them up for growth through international music marketing packages including Apple Music, Spotify playlist curation, introductory workshops and web seminars into music publishing, social media and brand management. 

“Together we can. Empowering and opening doors for each other is the KEY to success”.

Jordan Link

Distrohive prides itself in understanding the needs of African artists and concentrating its energy on handling African music on a global scale. The company is an extension of the Jacaranda Media Group with continued efforts to expand their vision for the Zimbabwean music industry.  Jordan Link says the new initiative adds on to their dream of paving a pathway and creating a platform whereby music from Zimbabwean and African Artists is propelled beyond the African borders. “The road to creating a legacy was realising this dream in a sustainable, transparent and financially rewarding manner which can impact the African economy in a great way. With Distrohive Music, that blueprint to the legacy is now set in motion.”

One of the artists distributed by Distrohive Music

“It’s been a long journey to get here as a team, as a culture, as a nation, as a region and as a industry. It hasn’t been easy but we are here now and the lights are on and the conversation has started.”

Jordan Links



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