Distrohive Music’s 5 NEW VOICES to watch: Week 2 September 2021 

We are excited to bring you this week’s Distrohive Music 5 New Voices to watch. Distrohive Music the on-demand service will cater to both local and continental artists, serving as a one-stop shop that will offer infrastructure and support to creatives while giving them complete control of their work through a customised artist or label dashboard.

Some 400 artists in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have alread signed up for the service before its launch.  


PRXFCY belies a pounding optimism on his new EP, D.I.N.O ( Days In Nights Out ). “This was originally meant to be a 2 track project, but due to the delay in getting funds to put this together more songs were made along the way and I ended  up with this 7 track EP”. The EP borrows from different corners of cultures into 1 significant glistening project.  


We can safely say that INDIGO’s freestyle on 93 TILL INFINITY is in full effect. From bulawayo and spotlighted by earGROUND on STILL FRESH + DOPE, we also take a slight deeper look into INDIGO. Over the past years INDIGO has been a vital name in underground rap. He has been working with other significant artists to put the focus on Bulawayo. When not rapping about societal woes, the artist delivers an outlet for escapism, providing levity from his otherwise soft but hardcore style.


The beauty of Zimbabwean underground artists lies in the variety of sounds bubbling up at once. Don’t be fooled and thinking that the space is empty, the space is full of new voices ready to fill the void. DONOVAN carries a more realistic rap sound that makes quite easy to get to the people. As an engineer you can easy hear the good sound that fully mastered and brought to life.

4. 9XNE

“ Nothing To Lose freestyle “ begins with a different percussive elements. Great raps paired up with an urban instrumental that well timed together with drops you can definitely vibe to. The raps 9XNE unpacks will definitely leave your head banging to the vibe. His own generic sound is relaxing but the same time carries a monumental entry in his genres canon. 

5. YON

He will not be underground artist for long, on this we state ! Watch the space as YON is ready to pave his way, like we stated earlier the space is not empty, open your eyes and see  and keep your ears on the ground.  YON tells his own story not shying away from societal issues. Keep your ear on the ground, he has more to offer. 

To sign up for Distrohive Music hit the link http://distrohivemusic.com/


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