International! Nutty O sets tone for first album Mustard Seed

Nutty O Di Bwoy is set to serve his debut album this month on the 24th of September. This is projected as the climax of his career thus the Mustard Seed metaphorically explaining transformation from something deemed underground to a phenomenal proof of existence.

Source: ABX

Already viewed as one of the significant artists of the country, this project confirms him as one of the biggest in the country.

The album will have a double digit number of tracks that will touch on various sounds, philosophy, commentary and entertainment, opening up Nutty O’s versatility and sensitivity to the rest of the world.

As a much anticipated project for almost half a decade now, the Mustard Seed album will be launched in a unique, classy and impactful way especially bearing in mind the current Covid19 lockdown situation. Nutty O has already enjoyed a career bulge from the time the pandemic lockdown started, paying special attention to the increased successes reached by Jehovah Musatisiye, Safe (album pre-release) and Kokai music projects.

The ABX Team is confident that the launch of this album, even abiding by lockdown regulations, will still make the projected anticipated global impact.

To put the icing on the cake, the project is also going to include other nationally and internationally acclaimed Music brands and to ensure a fine delivery of Nutty O’s versatility a host of nationally and internationally acclaimed producers, beatmakers and sound engineers came together to deliver a world class project, Mustard Seed.

The album was developed under the careful artistry of @Mashroom Media, an emerging giant of a player in the Zimbabwe entertainment industry.

Hosting the country’s excellent Artists, Producers and Publishers and thus contributing to delivering world class bodies of work to entertain Zimbabwe, Africa and the global village at large.

“Today is very special. If you have been following my journey as a musician you know there is nothing I can tell you more. The road has never been smooth, sleepless nights, second guessing myself and a lotta hurdles along the way but I am glad you held it down for me. THANK YOU for being patient with me My #ABXPeople…. This is my first album, the MUSTARD SEED and it is finally coming your way” 

Nutty O

A week ago Nutty O was featured an Amapiano song by DJ Zandimaz and Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla titled Ngifuna Wena.

Nhlanhla, Zandimaz, Nutty O



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