Forecast : The Hits dropping Season starts

The year 2021 is expected to close in style as some of the top acts are expected to release new projects that will amplify the Zimbabwean music and break new grounds. 

By Argus Mepo

Like no other years, 2021 has been different in the musical landscape because it has not yet produced a viral hitsong yet we are now in the last quarter of the year. Kae Chaps’ Juzi almost made it, Jah Prayzah’s Murder lit the streets, sadly for a few weeks though, Mbeu and Mambo Dhuterere’s collabo was lit but it was not well embraced and Freeman released Pombi which did well but failed to surpasse the history made by some of his songs like Zvakaipa Dai Ndarega, Joina City and Ngaibake, to mention just a few.

One of the key factors that are always in the minds of our artists is timing and release dates for their upcoming projects. They always calculate and figure out the best dates to release works.

As they deliberate on when to release their new music, let me remind them that it is possible for a multiple of artists to release projects on the same period and be successful and well received on the market.

Let me take you back to 06 April 2018. Our two finest acts Takura and Ex Q released their albums Someone Had To Do It and Tseu Tseu on the same day respective. Both projects did extremely well on the market and gave the industry hitsongs like Ngoro Yemoto, Kuchururuka, Musikanzwa and Nzenza, the list goes on.

Once again, in early 2018 again, Killer T released his album Mashoko Anofura shortly after Winky D had released his hot project Gombwe. We all know the Winky D effect, it is capable of muting and silencing the most trending voice. Lest we not forget how Mambo Dhuterere’s much anticipated hype and limelight he enjoyed between late 2019 and early 2020 was brought to a halt when Winky D released Njema. Nevertheless, Killer T did well with his 18 track album and had many hits like Hondo, Kufamba, KwaPaurosi, Rovai Makuva, even the title track Mashoko Anopfura was a hit.  

Artists and their camps must always appreciate the fact that good music does not have an expiry date, it can withstand and overshadow sabotage and can successfully coexist with other songs that will be topping the charts.

As for this year artists who are expected to drop projects are tried and tested who will eventually succeed in the musical realms.

Killer T – The Dancehall Chairman is set to drop his album on the 6th of October. He is a man of wonders when it comes to making albums, he takes his time, oil his lyrics and finetune his vocals well.  We are expected to enjoy.

Unstoppable Nutty O is the Zimbabwe’s international star in the making, like what Mwendaz we Drip said,  he is the Wizkid of Zimbabwean music. He is set to release his debut album the Mustard Seed soon. Already he is riding high with Ngifuna Wena, an amapiano mix were he was featured by Dj Zandimaz and Nhlanhla which is trending all over.  

The gifted Tamy Moyo is about to release her album Bvudzijena. Basing on precedence, Tamy doesnt dissappoint she has always been giving her best shot since day one and she always sets the bar higher. We are waiting for more good music from the youthful songstress. 

Likewise, Freeman is also expected to rob the hearts of his musical fans with the release of his new album Robbery in October. HKD Boss has the receipe of making good albums, his winning formula is tried and tested. We cant wait for his new project.


All these aforementioned artists are a manifestation of greatness and talent, they have their own unique flavours and music signatures. From RnB to Afrodancehall to Afropop as well as Dancehall. 

As the year is about to end we are expecting a multiple of anthems and hitsongs songs from these artists that will lead us into the festive season and beyond. Lets brace for the best as our artists are about to drop their big projects.


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