Zimbabweans launch on demand International music distribution service for African Artists

Zimbabwean Music industry  practitioners and Jacaranda Media Group founders Jordan Link Mangwiro and Charles Guvamatanga  have launched the careers of some of the biggest names in urban Zimbabwean music. Now they are on a mission to level the playing field for everyone.


It all comes together under the flagship of the  Distrohive Music platform , a one-stop shop that gives Zimbabwean and African independent artists and labels an international major-label support and infrastructure while letting them retain complete control over their work through a customised artist or label dashboard.

“ We understand the heartbeat and the evolution of African music. We have worked in the international music arena for many years to understand that African music should be able to heard worldwide and that independent labels and artists should be able to distribute their music to a global platform on terms financially favourable to them in a very transparent manner,” they say.

With the DistroHive Music platform, artists and labels can publish their music in minutes. From cover art to track listings. Getting your work up on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Instagram and other  160 plus digital services is as simple as choosing songs from your device to upload. The beauty of it is that Distrohive Music streamlines everything from payments to statistics analysis.

Royalties and streaming revenue earned are directed straight to the artists or labels designated bank account, PayPal account or Distrohive Music can deliver your earnings straight to your doorstep through its partnership with  fintech remittances company Senditoo.com co-founded by Zimbabwean Takwana Tyaranini. 

Best of all, there are no middle men, no signing over rights in perpetuity, no limits on how to express your creativity and no agent handling royalties and stream revenue warned and the fee structure is simple and favourable to the artists.

Distrohive Music  has two fee structures, The first one  charges a one time lifetime payment fee and the second fee structure is an annual subscription fee which is more favourable for start up artists and labels. A further 15 percent from your potential revenue is deducted to cover for Distrohive Music premium services such as  regional and international playlisting to iTunes and Spotify, International Charts registrations, Artist Growth Plans and Exclusive Webinars and Workshops. Labels and Artists keep 85 percent of their distribution projects. The platform also has a Royalty Split feature tailor made for collaborative artists, composers, producers, labels and financiers of the artists music so that all parties involved in the making of music and the rightful copyright beneficiaries are paid their fair dues. For labels with more than 10 artists, an Associate Program is available only via application or invite. 


International awarding winning Zimbabwean RnB star Garry Mapanzure has been enrolled as a poster boy for the service. After being courted by several major record labels, the RnB sensation opted to distribute his music with DistroHive Music through his affiliate to Team One Love music. Like many young artists with a dedicated fan base and an international vision, Garry Mapanzure saw it beneficial for his musical journey to align with DistroHive Music for his music to be entered and registered into the international music charts such as the Billboards, UK and Australian music charts. Gary Mapanzure and his business partner Silvaa King of Team One Love Entertainment will also assume executive roles at Distrohive Music.

Also coming into the Distrohive Music family as a stakeholder is  seasoned and award winning producer Jusa Dementor who will also be taking on an executive operational role.  The enrolment of a rich industry talent into the Distrohive family shows the intent that Distrohive is more that an industry player but is set to establish itself as a legacy creator in the Zimbabwean and African music arts fratenity. 

Nama award winning Male Artist of the Year, Ti Gonzi, aka Tinashe Gonzara has also enrolled the services of DistroHive Music who have also helped him setup the operational structures to his new record label venture HipuHopu YekuGhetto Records.

DistoHive Music is set to launched and be open to every Zimbabwean and African artist across the globe rest from the  end of August 2021.

Pre-launch over 400 artists across Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have signed up to the service via invitation. 

Another added value of signing up with is the DistroHive  Music artist growth resources which include international music marketing packages. Also included in the package are Apple Music, Spotify playlist curations, Introductory workshops and web seminars into music publishing, social media and  brand management providing the African artist with the tools to breakthrough into the international music markets. 

Jordan Link Mangwiro

Its been a long walk for us to arrive to this point where we launch DistroHive Music, its he first Zimbabwean owned digital music distribution platform. When we started Jacaranda Media Group, we had seen that Zimbabwean music needed a platform to be heard globally and needed international listenership. DistroHive Music is just an extension of Jacaranda Media Group continuous improvement efforts and expansion vision we have for the Zimbabwean music industry.

Charles Guvamatanga

This is also a product of listening to the call from the new millennial artist that they want more control of their music and transparency in the performance of their music and art without restrictions from labels and intermediaries. This also eliminates unfavourable distribution deal terms and conditions from the old styled distribution players in the market said the DistroHive  Music founders. We are confident to say that we build a platform stronger, better and more efficient that our global competitors 

To register with DistroHive Music and start selling your music globally while growing your music career, listenership while keeping 100% of your revenue streams and copyrights, go to http://www.distrohive.com Now.


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