Kombi Station : A Revolution In The Creative World

Plot Mhako is a man of many plots, he is always calculating, scheming and devising ways on how to best transform the arts sector for the better. He is a super creative.

By Argus Mepo

After successfully launching his viral earGround platform, he is now back again with the Kombi Station, an initiative that is unprecedented in the entertainment industry, taking on board musicians, producers, dancers, poets, journalists, bloggers and other creatives.

Well, the Kombi station is a gamechanging initiative, the fun part of it is that Plot Mhako’s Konbi is the only one that doesnt need a tout whilst creatives on the other hand have been flocking to have an adventerous ride deliberating on their encounters and experiences in the industry.

Despite its uniqueness, it has opened floodgates of exposure to upcoming artists who have been industry for a while. One of the artists of the moment who is also Soul Jah Love’s sound alike Chipoko Chasauro is trending on social media, thanks to Plot Mhako and team for travelling all the way to Epworth to discover such talent.

The Zimbabwe’s music industry is a very long book with many chapters, some which are either unappreciated or barely known by many music fanatics.

The Kombi Station has provided creatives an opportunity to deepen the conversation and revisiting the musical part. In a snippet of Dadza D’s interview he revealed the role played by Dj Smylie in uplifting the Zim dancehall genre. Indeed, Smylie is an appreciated superstar.

Through this initiative we also got to see and witness some great artists who had been off the musical radar back in action. Willom Tight is one such artist, he also had his interview slot in this most after Kombi by creatives.

During these times were liveshows are being forbidden due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we also got to witness some snippets of artists perfoming, cant wait for the premier of the full season.

One thing l also admire about this Kombi is that it is non discriminatory, it accomodates, everyone. It is also not merely a Harare based project but has been incoporating artists from all over the country. As we speak the earGround team is in Bulawayo pushing this project.

Kombi Station season one is set to premier in September, well lets fasten our seatbelts and enjoy the adventerous ride powered by earGround.


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