A&R expert Israel Sebenzo appointed Chief Creative Officer at RM Publishers

Australia based Zimbabwean Singer, songwriter, and Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Executive, Israel Sebenzo has recently been appointed to serve as the Chief Creative  Officer (CCO) for the highly collaborative and acclaimed publishing house, RM Publishers. 


The appointment was confirmed by RM Publishers Chief Executive Officer, Rudo Muchoko.

“We are excited to have Sebenzo on board and we look forward to having him share his  expertise and experience with us and the rest of the creatives we work with.

RM Publishers’ Chief Executive Officer, Rudo Muchoko

Sebenzo welcomed his appointment with enthusiasm expressing how his work ethic and values  align with those of the publishing firm. 


“As entities, we are both passionate about working in the creative industry and with creatives in  helping them realise their full potential both in talent and in business. We both firmly believe in  the power of collaborating. This should be an interesting and very fulfilling experience for me,  and I look forward to it.”

Israel Sebenzo

In this capacity, Sebenzo will be working closely with the rest of the RM Publishing team in  ensuring coherence in the firm’s brand and goals while mentoring fellow creatives, something  he is already extensively involved in. 

Israel Sebenzo

RM Publishers specialises in paperbacks, Ebooks and magazines. Their portfolio boasts a wide  range of publications that include fast-rising publications. 


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