Through the eyes of Zimbabwe : Preserving the folklore culture

Through the eyes of Zimbabwe is a storytelling and folklore series. The project is the brainchild of creative producer Getrude Vimbayi Munhamo. The series made possible through support from the European Union and the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe under the creative actions project will feature seven multi-lingual storytellers speaking several native tongues.

By Plot Mhako

Through this project I seek to bring about the conservation of our oral tradition and hand it over to this present generation.

Getrude Munhamo

As Africans, Zimbabweans our stories and history are told through our way of life, socially, emotionally and most importantly orally with the narratives and culture passed down from generation to generation. However, a lot has been lost in the process due to poor documentation.

Munhamo says the initiative aims to bring back education, moral wealth and ubuntu through the innovation of present engaging storytelling.

She also hopes the project will help to tackle moral decay through light hearted yet thought provoking stories.

This is theatre for children and young audiences but with a cross-generational appeal.

Getrude added that most children are growing up watching and knowing western folklores such as Cindirella, Harry Potter but non from the African heritage.

We will be having these stories is different Zimbabwean languages namely Shona, Ndebele, Shangani, Venda and English.


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