SHAV-A and DON DADA in superb rendition of the iconic No No No song

Jamaican Reggae star Shav A and South Africa-Zimbabwean HipHop and Reggae maestro Don Dada recently teamed up to rendition the iconic No No No No song first released in 1936. Produced by the legendary producers and engineers Gary G, Sly Dunbar and Mark Stonecold” Hudson, the latest version is definitely destined for the BILLBOARDS.

By Plot Mhako

The first recorded composition of “You Don’t Love Me” in 1960 for Mojo Records, a  record label in Memphis, Tennessee, owned by Billy Lee Riley was accomplished by  Willie Cobbs (born July 15, 1932) an American blues singer, harmonica player and  songwriter.  

The recording was leased to Vee-Jay Records for release. Cover versions have been  recorded by various artists. First made popular in Jamaica was the 1967 rocksteady rendition by Dawn Penn,  entitled “You Don’t Love Me (No, No, No)” Penn’s 1994 version of the song became a commercial success worldwide.

Rihanna remade the song for her debut  studio album, Music of the Sun(2005), and American entertainer Beyoncé performed the song  on her I Am… World Tour concert tour (2009–10).

Jamaican born and raised Dynamic singer and songwriter Shavanique Allen  aka Shav-A daughter of internationally acclaimed reggae star Admiral Tibet  has teaming up with African humanitarian, RuFF CuTT Studio owner and recording  multi-platinum selling Reggae / Hip-Hop artiste Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA to deliver their redition of the always popular song “YOU  DONT LOVE ME (NO NO NO) 

Shav-A and Don Dadas rendition is sexy ,hypnotic and infectious making this the first time  in the illustrious history of the song

Shav-A was surrounded by music for all of her early life and so it was no’ surprising that she would  take a keen interest in becoming a singer. Consequently, at the age of 10 years with the full support  of both of her parents.

Shav-A began singing on the church choir as well as at the many talent shows held in and around the sunshine city of Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica. 

After many years developing her craft as a singer and now being of age, Shav-A along with two other  siblings began touring with their father Admiral Tibet as backing vocalist.

Shav-A’s exposure to many genres of music has greatly influenced her creativity and style, which has  resulted in her songs incorporating a blend of these influences. As a result, fans can expect in the  future to hear her refreshingly soulfill vocal on a different combination such as: Pop-Reggae,  Soca Reggae, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Dancehall. 


Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continuously pushing boundaries,  changing the norm, quickly moving beyond static thinking by reinventing the  game. He is fast becoming an industry thought leader by breaking tradition  and creating ground-breaking possibilities for growth for himself and others  in the music business. Don Dada in the entertainment industry has achieved a  great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer since he made his  debut on the prestige 2016 Mandela Day Concert stage in Johannesburg  South Africa.  

Don Dada

Don Dada in the entertainment industry has a lot of energy, enthusiasm and  positivity, and with this boldness and unwavering passion for Africa to RISE,  has not only achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer but also as someone who wants to make a positive impact in the  lives of others.

Don Dada’s vision of united Africans is simply to encourage  the youth at home and abroad to step into their destiny without fear and  continue shining the light through education and unity.  

Don Dada has grown his Reggae / Hip-Hop career; established himself as a social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Radio Host, Television Presenter  and an events MC, who realised early in his life that he wanted to pursue a  purpose driven life. With his vision to encourage the youth, Don Dada  continues to ‘breath life through music’. 




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