Unmasking The Different Faces Of Passion Java The Music Promoter

During the past few years, the Zimbabwean music has been evolving with new talent being discovered whilst some old horses having been slowly fading and sinking into oblivion. Part of the facilitators of this evolution is the socialite, comic-cum Man of God Prophet Passion Java.

By Argus Mepo

Prophet Passion Java is writing his own unique piece of history which will either be cherished or ridiculed, only time will tell.

One thing you can not take away from the man of robe is his unparalled passion for music.

Passion Java

At this juncture allow me to unearth some of Passion Java’s relationships with our fellow artists :

1) Passion Driven Encounters

Despite all of his controversies and gimmicks, one can not erase the fact that just like his name, the man has extreme passion and love for the music. This motivated him to launch a record label Passion Java Records which gave back life to some prominent artists. The late dancehall star Soul Jah Love bounced back early this year with a smash hit Simudza Gumbo and Gore Renyuchi courtesy of Passion Java Records. Same with his ex-wife Bounty Lisa her music career came back to life following the release of her hit song Ngwendeza, a tribute to Soul Jah Love powered by Prophet Passion.

2) Horse and Rider Relationship

In his quest to promote local music and artists the notorious prophet has been using artists and producers to advance his clout and popularity seeking scheme. This reminds me of a popular phrase uttered by the former President of Burkina Farso Thomas Sankara who said that, “He who feeds you controls you”. Likewise, artists have been bootlicking Prophet inorder to get handouts. We had artists like Uncle Epatan, Enzo Ishall and Fantan, among others receiving cars and other gifts after hero worshipping the “prophet” through jingles, riddims and songs.

Passion Java with the Chillspot family

3) Win-Win Relationship

Some bilateral relations between Passion Java have been viable and progressive to both the Prophet and the artist as well.

It is not a secret that Java loves clout, even though strategic patnerships with him is a win-win situation.

Lets take Roki’s association with Passion Java. The Man of God has resuscitated his musical career, right now through the aid of the Prophet he managed to rub shoulders with the King of Rhumba, Koffi Olomide as they worked on a single which is yet to be released.

Koffi Olomide and Roki. Image @khanyi_play

4) Empowerment Driven

The twabam chanter has been a vigorous upholder of artists empowerment. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, he pioneered the Gara Mumba virtual concerts which cushioned artists against a background where they are not holding live shows. Promiment artists among them, Winky D, Seh Calaz, Chillspot Records, Stunner, Van Choga, Ex Q, to mention just a few perfomed at these concerts.

Food For Thought : What Passion Java has done for the music industry is worth cherishing.

When associating this man artists must be motivated by their burning passion for music and not by the desires of their bellies.

Strategic patnerships with Passion Java are critical too, because the Prophet has ample resources and network that can further take the Zimbabwean music to another level.


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