Deni : South Africa’s new-age, Pan-African singer takes off

The art of sound and melody has been a vibrant stimulus in the life of her big dreams. Following various features in South African artist’s music, she has taken the bold step to grab the mic and solidify her artistry in the industry.


Introducing rising star, Deni, a new- age pan African singer and songwriter.

Nomndeni professionally known as Deni is a South African born singer/songwriter. She began her musical training at the age of 12 years in her home town Mahikeng, learning to play instruments such as the piano and violin. By the end of high-school she had played in an orchestra and completed her training from Trinity University in London in classical singing. After Accomplishing a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Communications she resigned from her cooperate job to pursue her musical passions. Her journey as an artist includes being featured on other artists’ projects. In 2019, she began working on her own body of work, her debut single Pèpè is her first solo release in a series of music dropping in 2021.

Her music is a fusion of her South African roots and love for African culture. She has created her own blend of Afrobeat, R&B and Pop. She is determined to steadfastly represent the new age Pan-African women in music, fashion and art through global perspective.

Deni is unleashing her first-ever individual single, an anticipated and powerful song, titled Pepe.  It takes the resonating narrative of the pursuit of self- love; an enduring journey of the significance of self- value and embrace.

“I use my words to tell stories that connect people, culture and art,”

The single’s debut is a personal ode to herself and women alike, to celebrate their individuality and ultimately, to be confident in their bodies. It constitutes of a fusion of Afrobeats, R&B and Pop, and can be streamed on all major platforms: Apple, Deezer, Spotify and Youtube.

The lyrics of the song ignite a sense of passion and fierceness, complementing its fiery title, ‘Pepe’.

“It feels good to be finally channelling my energy towards this project and many more to come. My music is something special to me and I hope to capture the hearts of people looking for good rhythm, meaning and genuine connection,” says Deni 

Music enthusiasts can anticipate a delightfully fresh and uncovered fusion in her genre, empowered by her blend of notes and lyrics. She forms a part of the generation of authentic and talented singers, who are building an infectious vibe to thought-provoking musical experiences.

A creative in her own respective right, she also intends to heighten her proficiency in the hub of fashion and art.

Follow her @deni_nk on all socials, for a memorable ride along of her music and life journey.  

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