Musician Joseph Dewa excels in Vietnam

Carrying along the passion for music and the desire to learn new knowledge, young musician Joseph Dewa has been impressing in his studies at the Advanced Program, Nong Lam Thai Nguyen University in Vietnam becoming first masters student from Zimbabwe to admission in Advanced Programs.

By Plot Mhako

The 32 year old musician Joseph Dewa is an Afro-Jazz musician, singer, composer, actor, and writer from Zimbabwe.

Dewa brilliantly became the first master’s student from Zimbabwe to enter the Advanced Education Program (AEP).

Advanced Education Program (AEP) is a special project of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam established in order to develop high-quality training programs, imported the contents and programs of prestigious universities in the world. So far, there are 23 universities in Vietnam have collaborated with 22 universities around the world to establish 35 Advanced Education Programs.

My carrier has now plotted my country’s location on a map.

Joseph Dewa

“Most Asians are unaware that Zimbabwe is a lovely country in Africa. They are now doing further research on Zimbabwe. Many Vietnamese believe that Africans dislike black people and that English is only spoken in the United Kingdom and America. So now I’m demonstrating a lot of the positive aspects of out education, art, and culture in a foreign country. It directs me to the world with this assistance.”

I really feel humbled by the support that i am getting this side. These people they give me more energy to produce more music. They appreciate my art.



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