SYNIK ft VUSA MKHAYA’s Rukuvhute, powerful, Deeply enthralling!

Imagine having a dope hip hop head, a lyrical genius, an Imbube maestro and legendary artist on one song! The result can only be epic and this aptly sums up the the recently released emotionally compelling song Rukuvhute accompanied by a video by Belgium based Synik and Austria based Vusa Mkhaya.

By Plot Mhako

Zimbabwean hip hop MC Synik waxes lyrical on the track Rukuvhute (which means umbilical cord in the Shona language) whilst the multi-award winning Vusa Mkhaya captures the complex emotions of leaving a home that has turned hostile.

Synik began rapping driven by a desire to tell his own story through hiphop music. With a largely introspective approach, his subject matter is diverse ranging from personal reflections to politically charged lyrics. His releases include The Beta Version EP (demo), God Within as well as the ground-breaking debut album Syn City which was lauded as one of the more accomplished hip hop projects to come out of Zimbabwe.

From Harare’s spoken-word and hip-hop scene Synik went on to perform at various festivals in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Apart from his solo work Synik has done a number of collaborations in Zimbabwe and beyond including working with Depth as the duo Soular Rayze and being part of Jazza Experiment (Lisbon) which released an eponymous EP in 2017.

In 2019 he released The Soulsteez EP with Austrian producer Phil Chronics. Having performed on various stages in Portugal including festivals such as Outjazz, Festival Todos, +Jazz (Açores), as well as being featured on Portuguese band f.e.r.a‘s album Space (2020), Synik is already finding a space for his brand of hiphop on the Portuguese scene and is currently working on his second studio album which enlists a global array of musicians and contributors. He recently released a concept EP, entitled The Industry. (2020)

The track is taken off the album A Travel Guide For The Broken which will be released soon

The video was produced by Jep Jorba of Poca Broma Produccions. The song had the hands of amazing Tayob J (Co-production / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering), Tiago Paiva (Lead Guitar), Aaron Isaak (Drum Programming), Purkdaddy (Trumpet), Iris Ceulemans (Trombone), Aurra Kawanzura (Supporting Vocals)

Rukuvhute will resonate with millions of Zimbabweans who left their homeland for the diaspora in search of greener pastures.



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