Behold the new voices! Rumbi Tauro, JØY and NARGEE MUSHARUQUA

Exceptional talent and real passion. This aptly sums up the three RUMBI TAURO, JØY AND NARGEE MUSHARUQUA. These new voices are definitely set to blow up. It could be a matter of time. Individually burning the oil to churn out some impressive content, an imagination of having them on one project together can be a mind-blowing thought.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


UK based Zimbabwean born RUMBI TAURO is one of the most interesting soul and RnB acts coming on the Zimbabwean radar.

Her 2020 debut EP, THE PROCESS has a got a different flavour to it, it carries more of a retro sound but urban and mature sound it.

RUMBI TAURO, she puts all her thoughts to all her projects and everything is fully thought of and pours her heart. 

It makes it very easy to understand her emotions and thoughts that she would have put out. THE PROCESS has 4 tracks but it displays a frontline of thoughts and emotions. To date her EP has been performing quite well on several streaming platforms as well as getting more airplay on some of the biggest radio stations in the UK, BBC RADIO, READY STEADY BREAKFAST SHOW and UNITY RADIO just to name a few. 

Recently the Doncaster musician won the Pattern and Push competition with her latest baby RUN RUN. With only a few minutes after dropping her streams were going up. Seems like she was killing us with suspense. RUNi RUN  delivers a remed for the soul and yet sticking to reality. It has a very interesting story to it. Won’t spoil it for you, check her out. 

Not going far, still in the UK, another amazing artist who is breaking the ground, who has us pull our ears to the ground.


JØY is part of the new crop that is bursting in the scene of Zimbabwean arts scene. Joy Rukanzakanza aka JØY is one artist to keep an ear and eye on this year. She is a star ready to shoot. earGROUND sampled part of her forthcoming album MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS which carries the single New Day featuring top South African hip hop artist KiD X.

JØY unpacks her music loaded with a unique but compelling melodic style.

“ New Day is a love song that touches the theme of resilience and hope for rejuvenated love after facing toxic love situations. The message also applies to the current situation having survived a traumatic 2020, we are just but hopeful for better and brighter days to come with the new year. “

In a conversation with KID X on earGROUND, JØY also highlighted that she will be dropping her debut album at the end of the year called MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS. She explained that the album has a story and it continues from track 1 to track 12. Whilst we wait for the album she recently dropped a single with amazing visuals. No doubt JØYs creativity is out of this word. Diving into ROSES which was her next release.

Her creativity speaks volumes

ROSES resembles pillars in our lives we face in different phases of our lives and some over and over, joy, love, hate, pain, bliss, agony, heartbreak. ROSES has healing properties to its network of mellow vibes. This is the type of music you will add to your playlist without thinking twice.

Recently JØY dropped a hit on a new project she was working on in Tanzania. Keep your ear on the ground!


NYASHA GWARI known as NARGEE MUSHARUQUA ( stylised as MUSH-A-RUQUA ), is a Glenview 3 Musician, though he currently staying in South Africa, actor, model, writer and a movie director. As an actor he has made  on different movies. I would say MUSHARUQUA likes to keep his fans in suspense, which seems to be working for him as his streams keep on going up daily.  As a creative director he worked on a short movie titled MUFARO  which scoped a prize at the EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL. On top of that he sang and produced the back track, he had been looking for a name for it, while making the movie MUFARO came to light.

NARGEE is a true master of reinvention, his career evolution has seen him transform to abstract pop, rnb and soul artist. Recently he moved to South Africa where he is planning to release more and more music. Recently he released a different vibe that was well put together.

I have to stand up and clap hands for NARGEE, on ZVEKUTI BHEEE!!! He out did himself

Its only fitting that these three amazing artists link up for a collaborative project. These vocal heroes are national treasures. 


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