International Reggae Day 2021: 1Love Virtual Launch event set

We’re only 3 days away from the kickstart of the IRD celebrations with the 1Love Virtual Launch event! 

Ahead of the JulyOne roll out, International Reggae Day (IRD), the global celebration of Jamaican culture anchored in Kingston, will stage a virtual launch event this Friday June 25, 2021 beginning at 1230PM (JA TIME)/ 1:30PM (EST) in collaboration with VP Records on their Youtube channel @vprecords and at . Chromatic Sound system (JA) and DJ Kevin Crown (NY) will be juggling live during the event in a “DJ-Relay” punctuating the programme for the Media and lovers of Jamaican music tuned in from around the world.

IRD seeks to amplify recognition of  the outsized influence of Jamaica and its music genres on cultural expression around the globe. Each year on JulyOne, IRD centres activities around a theme focused on a key aspect of Jamaica’s rich music legacy.  

This year, the celebrations – under the theme #1Love – returns to the roots and this single most central message of Reggae music. A principle first articulated by Marcus Garvey, contextualized by Rastafarian philosophy and then was popularised by Bob Marley and Reggae music.

Specifics of the alliances forged with the Bob Marley Group, VP Records and the Garvey Institute as well as with North American digital firm Kudoboards among other key local and International partners, for this year’s “1Love Rally”will be shared with participants in the virtual launch.

In addition to the various 1Love Rally”activations planned and in which Media and Reggae fans can take part on JulyOne, details about this year’s virtual broadcast event and a synchronized 1Love Pull Up call to action online and on air for media and fans around the world at 12:05PM Jamaica time will also be shared. From Jamaica to  the Gambia and from China to North and South American content partners, plans are in place for a major experience on JulyOne.

VIRTUAL EVENT Int’l Reggae Day 2021(IRD2021) 1Love Virtual Launch co-hosted by VP RecordsFeaturing Chromatic Sound system (JA) and DJ Kevin Crown (NY) in a “DJ Relay”
DATE + TIMEFriday June 25 | 1:30PM (EST) / 12:30PM (JA) 
MEDIA CONTACTAndrea Davis | IRD2020 | 876-823-0394 | ireggaeday@gmail.comLisa-Ann OGilvie | IRD2020 | 876-919-3482 | ireggaeday@gmail.comJennifer Valentin |VP Records | 

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