BIOSKOP! Zimbabwe Short Film Competition 2021 call opens

Presented by: The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2021 « Theme: Life as we now know it?

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2021 is calling on all filmmakers from across Zimbabwe and in the diaspora (Europe/Africa) for the 2nd edition of the BIOSKOP!  Zimbabwe Short Film Competition!

Will we ever return to life as it was? That is a question that many of us may ask, considering the disruption that the year 2020 brought. Or maybe we have to make some changes, this could be a challenge. But what changes need to be made? We are social beings, the need for contact and interaction is central to our existence. The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Life as we now know it?’ As the artist, the creative, the filmmaker; the challenge is on you to offer up renewed thinking and insight into how best we can reshape and reimagine our future.

This competition is open to all genres of film (animation, documentary, live-action). Films will be judged based on content and creativity, as well as technical aspects. Also taking into consideration that some of you might be working with limited resources. Be innovative, work with what you can, and tell us your story” – Festival Coordinator, Gilmore Tee


●       Eligibility

To be eligible for this competition you must be of Zimbabwean heritage, based, living, or working in Zimbabwe or in any European or African country.

Participating filmmakers who have family members organising or judging the competition must advise the Festival Coordinators of their relationship with the participating jury/judges to avoid conflict of interest. Jury/Judges related to any filmmaker will not be allowed to adjudicate in the category of the said filmmaker. This will ensure that the adjudication process remains transparent and fair. Violation of this Advisory will constitute the disqualification your film from the competition.


●       Official (Jury) Competition/Categories/Awards/Prize Money

1.       An independent jury panel made up of industry professionals, academics, community, and business leaders judge all films in the official competition.

2.       The categories/awards are as follows, with the selected winners receiving a cash prize: 

∙         Best Narrative Short  – Winner USD 400

∙         Best Documentary Short –  Winner USD 400

∙         Best Sound Editing – Winner USD 200

∙         Best Cinematography – Winner USD 200

∙         Best Diaspora Film – Winner USD 200

●       Submission

1.       Films from all genres can be submitted for application. Only short films up to a maximum length of not more than 25 minutes and not older than two years (January 2020)* are accepted. The deadline for the submissions is 31st July 2021. Each film must be submitted via and provide the requested material. 

2.       In the case of a selection, the submitted film may be shown several times during the festival period. Should the film win a prize at The European Film Festival Zimbabwe, it may also be shown twice as part of best-of programs following the festival. In this case, the entrant will be notified in advance.

●       Submission Format

1.       We will only be accepting films in digital format (mp4, mov). If the original version is in a language other than English, the film needs to be subtitled in English.

●       How do I submit my film?

Click on the Film Freeway BIOSKOP! Zimbabwe Short Film competition link below, click the submit button and fill in the required information. Submissions will be open until 31st July 2021 (12pm CAT). NO Entry fee required. Link:

●       Rights

1.       As the filmmaker, studio or institution submitting the film, you are responsible for clearing all rights to the content of the work relevant to the film’s use by the Festival. By submitting, you state that you have the representative authority for the screening or other use of the film by the Festival and that it does not infringe rights held by third parties (e. g. copyrights, personality, or trademark rights), and that the rights to any material produced by others (music, film footage, photographs, text etc.) used in the film have been cleared.

2.        You furthermore shall indemnify the European Film Festival Zimbabwe against all third-party claims in connection with screening/using the film in the course of the Festival. This includes covering any legal costs that might be incurred.

●       Notification

The winners of submitted films will be notified via e-mail on the 27th of September 2021. The winning films will also be announced on our social media platforms. Unfortunately, we will be unable to notify those who have not been selected.

●        Press and Promotional Material

1.       With the submission of the film, the festival is permitted to use the film title, credits, and the name of the director as well as film stills and film excerpts (max. 60 seconds) for general promotion within the framework of the festival (incl. TV, web, cinema, showreel).

2.       The images will also be used for the European Film Festival Zimbabwe print products (festival publications) and online media (websites, apps, social media channels) where they will remain available without any time or territorial restrictions.

3.        The festival also reserves the right to make a password-protected copy of the film accessible to representatives of the press or selected industry professionals.


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