New Voices to watch : June Week #2

We keep tracking new music, new voices. This platform highlights some of the amazing artists that need your ear and attention. Featuring some new and recent releases. Here is our pick for this week.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


Let’s refocus, let’s look at the new sound, let’s vibe to the new wave bursting out of Zimbabwe. As earGROUND we will continue amplifying such amazing talents. Not to go far, DRASTICK is a creative visionary, he has more to offer and we are waiting on him to grace us with his creativity. Like ProBeatz said on the PLOTCAST, “ we are the best, every hip hop artist in Zimbabwe deserves to be called that “. DRASTICK has a sick flow and his mind is set on putting Zimbabwe on the map. 


A talent, A hidden voice. Without a big doubt the amount of reggae RUMBI carries a full bag of conscience sound that we can’t afford to ignore. The female voice is standing it’s ground, proving that they deserve the same chance as the male artist. RUMBIE is a bubble that’s just about to burst with talent. 


The 18 year South African artist, displays super super amazing freestyle that will blow your mind. Hip Hop is safe in Africa. The mother land is set to shock the world. Although it’s facing an economic crisis but that isn’t holding creatives back. EDDIE dropped a 42 seconds track that will leave you in question. Going beast mode in just 42 seconds that’s just mind blowing. Check him out. 


NEW VOICES AMPLIFIED.  Gilbert recently dropped his album which he says he was inspired by the greats like  DR THOMAS MAPFUMO, the legend ALICK MACHESO, LEONARD ZHAKATA and the late OLIVER MUTUKUDZI. Such a project doesn’t come up and done within one night. GILBERTKIDD started working on it 2020. He is surely a visionary. 


If I’m you didn’t know Zimbabwe is also a reggae nation. This was even way before BOB MARLEY came to Zimbabwe to perform on the independence. Zimbabweans have always been listening to reggae. MANDIE displays a full canvas of determination and is moving forward with good rhythm and melody. A nice sound her voices unpacks for us. She is surely building a name for herself. 


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