Pay what you want for Vuyo Brown’s latest release

Vuyo Brown has released yet another single titled “Imvana”. The single is available via her “Pay What YOU Want”. Yes! You heard that right you pay what you feel like to get her latest song.

Through this model she lets her listeners decide how much they want to buy her new song for themselves rather than give them a set price tag. “You pay as much as you feel the song is worth to you. The more you like it, the more you may pay.”

Details can be found on her handles; @vuyobrownZW across all social media platforms.

Produced by Just Percy, the song is about the unconditional love of God, a love willing to sacrifice for us, a love ready to love us as we are.

“Imvana is a vibe I’m just absolutely in love with and I’m really excited to get to share it. I hope many people will buy a copy for themselves as I have made it easy for them to.”

The decision to use the Pay What You Want model comes after the traditional sales model has bore little to no profit for her with all her past releases. She also felt online streams paid too little to give any real profits unless she would be getting streams in the millions or billions, which unfortunately she isn’t yet at the moment. Considering how much she would have sacrificed to make the music however, she still needs to make profit in order to survive and continue working, thus being creative and strategic with her sales is a very necessary move.

“I launched this strategy for my music in April with the release of ‘Mayeh’ and I’m glad it was successful. The point is to sell my product and for people to actually buy it. It is also to help instill a culture of buying music in the masses.”

Vuyo Brown is an award winning Zimbabwean singer, songwriter, and multi-genre artist who broke into the music industry in 2016 as a Contemporary Christian Artist. Born Nokufeza Vuyolethu Ngwenya, she makes music because she believes it should bring joy and healing. She hopes her music leads people to desiring, having or strengthening their relationship with God. She released her debut album ‘Grace Fulfilled’ in 2018 and is the voice behind the 2019 chart-topping hit “Thula Wazi” which has become beloved by people in and outside Zimbabwe for its message of hope and encouragement in a bleak time. It rocked radio stations around the country; being in the TOP 10 on the ZiFM Top 40 Chart for 5 weeks, reigning at number 1 on the Skyzmetro FM Gospel Chart for 5 weeks, and 4 weeks at 1 on the Khulumani FM Gospel Chart. It is still playing on DSTV’s Trace and One Gospel. Her music is available on all online streaming platforms.


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