Ung’thanda Ngingekho sets the tone for Zivisai’s music dream

There is a new amazing voice we should keep an ear and eye on. Her name is Fungai Zivisai Mombeshora. but uses her second name Zivisai for music. Her newest release Ung’thanda Ngingekho is a masterpiece that gives a glimpse into her amazing talent.

By Plot Mhako

Zivisai was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe she then moved to Harare in 2017. Growing up she listened to the music of Mariah Carey, Joe Thomas and Boys ll men while other kids were singing high school musical songs in primary school. Locally she was stuck on Plaxedes Wenyika, Betty Makhaya, ExQ, Alexio.

Having lived in Zimbabwe and SA but believes that living in the digital space that we do, one does not have to physically hop from country to country to develop an appreciation for different kinds of music, everything is literally available at our fingertips. That being said, I love music as an artform and listen to all kinds of genres because l believe that there is an offering that every genre has, a special, unique offering and who am I to shy away from learning?

My music is a fusion of Shona, Ndebele and English languages. My music is Zimbabwean, that is my basis.


“The music I make is about truth. sound-wise I naturally gravitate towards soul so its afro-soul, afro-jazz, afro-house, but my music is all about sending a message, communicating something of value and importance.

The artist has released a couple of singles before but says she did not push them hard. “I did not entirely like the projects. I was treading on new ground but iam now geared.”

Her new song is loaded with emotion, mellow and groovy. “You love me only when iam away” Zivisai knows how to delver soothing vocals whilst driving a powerful message.

I communicate love, life, humanity, strength and pride

Given a chance to change something in the music industry in Zimbabwe, Zivisai says she would create a space where artists support each other.

We are magical beings and if we came together we could literally create a shift in time but everyone is so focused on themselves and competing and proving one thing or the other.

In the interview she revealed that she is currently working on a couple of singles and a music video and five years’ time she hopes to have made traction, to have created a space where artists can come together and create magic. Also on her longterm plans she hopes to release an album or two and to be living her purpose.

The singer who is also an award nominated poet exudes a very interesting creative personality combined with the magic in her voice. Keep your ear on the ground!


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