5 NEW VOICES to Watch : June Week #1

We are midway into 2021 and new talent and music keeps on dropping. Here is earGROUND’s 5 new amazing voices to watch. Their music is compelling and super refreshing.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


For a fact Covid-19 is a deadly virus. A fact we can’t run away from. Death isn’t the only thing that came along but new amazing voices came to light as well. Nyasha well know as NARGEE is an amazing artist with amazing vocals. Transitioning from HIP HOP to a mind blowing sound of RnB, MUSHARUQUA is surely talented. Add him to your playlist and you won’t regret. Signed to Play by Play, NARGEE dropped his first single for 2021 on the 4th of JUNE titled ZVEKUTI BHEE!!!. This you need to listen to. 

Zvekuti Bhee leaves you with that awe feeling


The good thing about the hip hop industry in Zimbabwe is that it’s still trying to find its way. Therefore there is real hip hop developing and less of mumble rap. BOY NINO is definitely in his own high way. He recently released an EP, BLUNTS & ROSES which he worked on with the prince of RnB, LORD EDWARD.

The project is full of wisdom and truth and deserves the nations ear. ” PROLIFIC “


Absolutely mind blowing, the creativity is totally impeccable, the voice is a rare the sound. It’s having a great team in support that brings such great voices to light. We can’t hide the fact the producers is a essential part to such great music. LEO is putting Chegutu on the map proving that we now have to change focus to other provinces. LEO unpacks a rare sound that will definitely make you vibe. 


You might be serving sauce but SHAUN SMITHH seems to be going gangster hard on almost of raps. Showing no mercy in his raps and a rare form of creativity. Based in United States, SMITHH seems to have grasped the wave of the American rap sound and the future looks bright for him. 


Pablo Escobar was definitely a mastermind. Although some didn’t agree to what he would say or do but with no doubt he was a mastermind. PABLO CARTELL is a mastermind in lyrical content. Diving in 1 minute of any of his tracks, you will agree. He runs a CARTELL of prolific words in his mind and well put together verses. 


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