‘Bosses’ have captured the Zimbabwe Music industry

Some artists and record labels are slowly becoming mere praise and worships choirs of some rich bustards, on that  same regard, some Bosses “Mbingas” have captured the music industry and are obsessed with having shout outs on each and every song. 

By Argus Mepo

Many artists are adamant and are too ignorant to recognise the implications of the associations they have with their brands. Here is a run down of some of these connotations :

i) Elbowed from owning copyrights of your music for the love of a US 200 token and having a flamboyant video shoot for that song from those bosses who then upload those songs on their online platforms (Youtube, Spotify, Amazon ) etc.

Artist #freepik

ii) Risking your career by associating with controversial brands – Your associations as an artist have different implications on your career. Soul Jah Loves’ association with the likes of Changara, Diva Musoja bred creativity and resulted in hitsongs like Ndini Uya Uya. Some associations with these bosses are detriment to your brand. Take some notes from Winky D he know the value of associates, you will not see him associating with these fame mongering bosses, he knows the ultimate cost in the long run.

iii) Artists and Labels Are Used As Stepping Stones To Fame – The utmost objective of these bosses who have captured the music industry is not their passion for the growth of the industry, it is their lusting craving for fame.

Their only way to get famous is to use  artists and labels as pawns, sacrifice them by offering them some shekels, in return of endorsments and shoutouts. 

iv) A blind man will never lead another man. Most of these bosses do not know the modus operandi of the music imdustry, let alone the politics of music. There must be a balance between the resources (that thy have) and knowledge of running and administration of music (which they dont know), managing and proper scheming. Artists never sign any record deal with these Mbingas whilst you are hungry, your stomach will decide for you, yet your brain must. 

My advise is be proud to own your content even if you have a single view on Youtube, avoid make associations with controversial brands for the love of coins, you are your own boss, go for it.

Argus Mepo is a music critic and showbiz analyst who writes in his own capacity.



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