Hip Hop trailblazer Dumi Right drops a collabo with Indosakusa The Morning Star

Hip Hop trailblazer and cultural ambassador, Dumi Right teamed up with an award winning, traditional “imbube” singing group from Zimbabwe, Indosakusa the Morning Star. The song “No Turning Back” is an exciting and unique cross cultural collaboration that seamlessly blends traditional singing with rugged hip hop beats, topped off with fierce and poignant lyrics by this trailblazing emcee.


The song and video were crafted across two continents (filmed in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and Washington, DC) with the artists collaborating on the concept and lyrics online and then subsequently recording in the studio and shooting scenes for the video. 

Dumi Right on stage

The video concept contrasts the rugged and cold urban setting in which the daunting challenges that the rap verses articulate with the warm, natural and more hopeful setting in which the singing group is seen performing.

Dumi raps about overcoming challenges and obstacles and persevering while the group affirms the commitment to “never turn back” from the task at hand.

Their performance includes traditional outfits and dance steps that are key ingredient of the imbube style. The scenes are linked using the metaphor of technology depicted by a tablet that Dumi discovers to set the adventure in motion. 

Indosakusa the Morning Star

Dumi Right, is a performing artist, MC, and songwriter, who has been recognized as a standard bearer in global and progressive hip hop circles for many years.

He was first introduced to audiences during hip hop’s golden age as a member of Zimbabwe Legit, one of the first hip hop groups coming from Africa to gain widespread international recognition. He has always looked for ways to incorporate his cultural influences and background into his music from the very beginning. Even his debut album years back included African percussion, Zimbabwean mbira and other sounds on a song called “Rhymin’ With the African Symphony.” His accomplishments have been documented in mass media worldwide including prominent publications such as Billboard Magazine, The Source and academic works of hip hop history including the books Say It Loud! The Story of Rap Music by K. Maurice Jones and The Rap Wars by Trisha Rose. 

Dumi Right

Indosakusa The Morning Star is an award winning and critically acclaimed, male acapella choral group from Bulawayo which specializes in the imbube (also called isicathamiya) style of singing that was popularized by Ladysmith Black Mambazo.


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