5 New Voices to watch: May Week #2

Here are our 5 NEW AFRICAN VOICES to watch for the 2nd week of May 2021. Gem packed line-up of amazing talents.

Review by Tafadzwa Gambiza

1 «« SOLANA 

The time to focus on the African arts scene is now and forever. Don’t even, not for a split second remove your eyes on the African continent. SOLANA understands the power of minimalism. Congratulations to her’FAR AWAY’ which has reached a million total streams across all major platforms. ‘FAR AWAY’ was dropped las year in august and it has been performing quite well on the African charts. 


2 «« J.TWIST

Yes its true COVID-19 has its negative side but on the positive side, we have seen a lot new voices emerging on the Zimbabwean arts scene. J.TWIST released his first music project. BEFORE THE TIDE (EP). The EP paints out his emotions, lifestyle and a reflection of the environment he has been exposed to since he moved to Germany in 2018. 


One of the most determined producers across Africa. LIBARAXE has worked with quite a number of creatives across Africa and is still broadening his body of work. To add to music production he is also a song writer. In a few weeks he is dropping another project. Keep your ear on the ground “LIBARAXE DO WE GOT ONE? ”

4 «« CHAE

We keep doing what we do best and which is to amplify new voices. Her name is CHAE. At a time like this everyone should be an advocate of Gender Based Violence. Her single Wakakosha talks in depth about GBV. CHAE is a talented musician who has set a positive roadmap for herself. 


Some would say being a female rapper might be a challenge because people might pay attention to the male rappers. As for MINIEKHANYILA its a different scenario. She looks beyond the gender canvas and is standing firm to what she does best. She definitely has a significant flow to her raps. The South African based artist recently released her single titled ‘THEY DON’T KNOW ME’ , the visuals are just out of this world. 


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