Media mogul in the making: Misred to launch her first book

Samantha Musa, popularly known as Misred is not only thick-skinned but strongly willed. Passionate about what she does, unapologetic about her expressiveness, firm about her thoughts and desires. This aptly describes media personality who a few years ago vowed that she will become a media mogul one day. Well, its no longer just talk but she is literally walking that path.

By Plot Mhako

Misred recently announced that she will be  launching a book titled ‘Be Faithful To Your Happiness’ on the 18th May 2021. 

I bet there are still a lot of doubting Thomases out there but like or hate her, this girl is headed far. The steps she is making have all the traits of a dream unfolding.

Samantha made the announcement at her private birthday party held in Harare on Sunday 9 May  to celebrate her 32nd birthday. To help make the announcement was poet and broadcaster, SoProfound who said that the book will be available for purchase on her website  and in stores around Zimbabwe. 

Misred book cover

“The book is a journey on how i moved from cheating  to being faithful to my happiness. In that journey, I learnt that happiness is an inside job and not  a feeling or event. When I was going through many trials including sickness and couldn’t share with anyone I found solace in writing. I would find myself writing every time and that is how the  book was birthed.” 


MisRed is one of most dynamic and sought after media personalities in Zimbabwe. Her media career spans over 8 years getting her start in radio as a co-host on ZiFM Stereo’s breakfast show  in 2013. She currently hosts the afternoon drive show (The Rush) on the same station.

A revered  opinion leader. 



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