Ganze : A multi-talented artist redefining local sound

This is it! this is lit! Ganze (Emmanuel Makanza) is a Zimbabwean artist, saxophonist, guitarist, music producer, singer songwriter and founder and owner of Ganze Entertainment is a phenomenal artist you need to check out. His latest offering Zvandinoda is ab absolute gem.

By Plot Mhako

He studied music with Trinity London college in UK and has been making music for a while.

Ganze combines elements of Jazz, Afrobeat , Pop and House music to create a distinct sound and melody which will definitely move you.

Ganze’s approach to music is redefining.

he artist has worked with artists like Fungai Nengare, Bryan K, Reverb 7, Simba Tagz, Gwenga, Africherry and Jaquee (Germany).

On the first of April this year Ganze released a single entitled Zvandinoda which was mixed and mastered by Reverb 7. He has plans to release an EP as well as an album during the course of 2021.


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