5 New African Voices to watch : May 2021, Week #1

Its the month of May and we are almost halfway through the year and dope music keeps dropping. New talent keeps popping and we are your radar for all the great content from Zimbabwe and from around Africa. We keep tracking the New Voices.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

1 »»  NKATHA 

We have to agree that zimbabwe has talent that is bursting every single day. ’NKATHA’ is creating a dreamy bliss out of imperfections. She has worked with some well known voices like ‘TREVOR DONGO’. She has a fruitful career ahead of her. Lets not even talk about her amazing voice. You need to hear her voice to feel her melody and rhythm.


‘BHEKIWE’s take on rnb and soul might position her on top of the African chats and in no time on a global chart. You just need to hear 49 seconds of her song ‘SECRET FEELING’ and you will agree. Her vocals are powered with a powerful stable flow and melody. 


The South African, born but based in Australia, artist has creativity at her finger tips, no doubt about that. ‘DON CALYA’ has a fresh sound and is hitting a new dawn but at the same time keeping a level head and trying to focus on the things that matter to her career. 


Darrel Furai known as  ‘LIKKLE ART’ is one of young stars who are signed to CHILLSPOT records.  The youngster has amazing writing skills. Sooner or later he might even end up writing for some of the well known big artists. His latest song ‘NHASI HAASI MANGWANA’ has been performing quite well.


The sick flow though, I gotta say ‘LUMINOUS’ doesn’t stick on a regular mode, he is beast when it comes to his raps. If you have been following ‘LUMINOUS’ you probably know that he recently dropped ‘REGULAR’. He is surely talented, he has released amazing urban singles like ‘GERERA HERA’, you need to add him to your playlist. He does has the vibe.


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