5 NEW VOICES to watch: April Week #4

New talent keeps popping and we are your radar for all the great content from Zimbabwe and now we drop one or two from around Africa.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

1 »» TADIIE 

‘ TADIIE ’ has a super amazing ability that unpacks a perfectly paired up melody with rhythm. I would say determination is moving her forward and a successful path. She taps deep down into her intellectual vocal realm on her single ‘ TONIGHT ‘. She has a voice that speaks to the soul.


‘ VICTOR ‘ has a voice that will make you ask yourself why he is even using an instrumental. He has a voice that seems to have been serenaded by honey. Through his kindness and loyalty to what he loves the most, ‘VICTOR’ is also into music production and is definitely  on a positive stride.


Building a sustainable fan base might take a while because it requires loyalty from people. As for ’SMOOVE’ by the end of 2021 it might be a whole different case. He seems like he is getting more of crowd funding of fans, if I can put it in that view. Lets not even talk about his manifesting flow in his raps. ’SMOOVE’ is definitely one of the voices to look out for in 2021. ‘SMOOVE’ has an urban sound invested in him. “ SMOOVE IS SMOOTH “.



An African sound, an African creative, a visionary, This is how we would describe ‘TYMBAH’. From the city of Kings and Queens, ’TYMBAH’ is putting in an incredible passion in his craft. Driven not to b famous but driven to change the African narrative. 


African music has definitely been influencing the world over the couple of years since the 19th country, the century of the Blues. No doubt that ‘SKINNY G’ is forging his own path. The Ghanian born afro artists has been making waves across Africa and his sound is definitely getting into the peoples ears. When it comes to creativity ’SKINNY G’ is a beast. He fuses a bit of English and Ghanian language in his music.  


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