Hip Hop icon Metaphysics launches streaming platform: Groopy

Metaphysics launches www.groopy.vip a streaming platform to give artists the opportunity to earn some money during the lockdowns.

By Plot Mhako

Groopy is a multilevel entertainment company that aims to bring you closer to the music than you have ever been.

Already lined up for the platform are Zim’s own I-Finton, bronx rapper Akanni Humphry, German super star Hero, reggae legend Mr Gentelman and many more other artists.

Metaphysics is also looking at teaming up with Fresh in the Box founder Kuda Musasiwa to bring some well known Zim artists to the platform including the likes of Amara Brown.

The platform has caught the attention of some major players in the industry and has raised quite a large amount of start up capital in it’s initial launch faze.


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