Solution GC & Feli Nandi : Handidi newe a gem that will make you fall in love

Its been a long time since i have been hit by song this way. An emotionally compelling love story captured in two soulful voices in sync with melody. That aptly sums up the beauty that Solution GC and Feli Nandi produced in Handidi Newe which dropped today.

By Plot Mhako

Produced by Alicious, shot by Baba Manamike the song and video mirror a perfect love story that will leave you yearning to be part of the song and video.

This is a brilliant production! Superb. Iam totally blown away.

I remember the first time i heard Solution GC sing was a few years ago when he was featured on one Mt Zion produced riddim. By then he was still a high school student but you could tell that the boy was destined for greatness. Fast forward the young man has matured in both age and his musical depth as evidenced by his growing discography.

Barely a year after Feli Nandi went solo she has already proven to be a force to reckon as she glides with ease in her magical voice. She is amazing. I must admit i love her music to the bone. In her we have our next global cultural export, its just a matter of time before the world knows her.

Having the two on one song was a collabo made in Heaven and definitely a hit was destined to come out.

Handidi newe speaks of two love birds who cant resist each other’s love. They commit to stick together forever and ignore any naysayers and to defy any odds to keep the flames burning”

Upclose and personal by the lakeside and inside a camping caravan the two endlessly tantalize each other.

The production was made possible by the Comic Pastor and associates.


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