Different types of Marketing: Insights for Creatives

Different types of marketing have evolved over the years and an understanding of these different types by industry personnel goes a long way in helping them achieve their goals as they would know what strategy to use in what scenarios. This is an insight into the different types of marketing that I believe are powerful tools to advance anyone’s brand and their possible benefits to creatives that are strategic enough to use them.

By Israel Sebenzo

Traditional marketing

As the name suggests, traditional marketing refers to brand promotion on any kind of channel that has been around since before the internet. Because information wasn’t as easily accessible and readily available as it is today, the vast majority of traditional marketing thrived on tactics such as print, TV ads and billboards. As much as these marketing methods may seem out-dated, you will be surprised as to how much difference they can make to your brand so never overlook using these methods as part of your marketing campaigns; after all there is power in numbers and shared responsibilities!

Video Marketing

In a world where reading culture is slowly becoming extinct, video marketing or as I like to call it, visuals marketing can prove to be very effective. The idea is to create videos and upload them to your website, YouTube, and social media to boost brand awareness, generate conversions, and close deals. Some video marketing apps even allow you to analyze, nurture, and score leads based on their activity.

Videos are likely to have a lasting impression with your viewers and they just might be your best bet.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing strategy that leverages refreshingly creative content, interactive events, and community influencers to generate word-of-mouth marketing and anticipation for the product or service the brand is about to launch. Buzz marketing works best when you reach out to influencers early and have a plan in place to generate suspense and perhaps even mystery.

Suspense and mystery have proven to be success’ best friends, so go on and create that buzz marketing strategy around your upcoming products.

 Emotional Marketing

Anything that hinges on anyone’s emotions is bound to make a lasting impression on that person. Also known as persuasive marketing, this type focuses more on the emotions and less on the facts. It aims to make an audience feel something, associate those emotions with a brand, and trigger a desired action. Emotional buyers will work magic on your sales numbers and this is a route you just might want to take though it may feel like you are manipulating your audience at times. 

Israel SEBENZO® is a Singer, songwriter and Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Executive, he is also the Executive Producer of his newly launched label Israel SEBENZO Media & Entertainment Group.

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