Zimbabwean dancers come 2nd at the Global Dance Supreme

Global Dance Supreme, sets out to afford many young talented individuals the opportunity to be part of a global community of people who have the passion and skills for dancing especially in the various genres. 

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

4 dancers from Zimbabwe took part in the tough competetion against other dancers from different countries. The GEEK TWINS ( Prince and Slick ) , Felix Anderson Mwale known as Alex Felie and McMillian Kudzanai Chikowe also known as Bboy Kid Tribe in their dance circles. 

GDS came live from South Africa in March wen it seemed to be impossible to ever have such competitions since the pandemic. Since we are transitioning to digital, GDS was held online. Unfortunately THE GEEK TWINS were knocked out in the semi finals by Bboy Kid Tribe and Alex Felie. 

The duo then proceeded to the finals were they became second and managed to walk away with R5000 ($320). From the round of 16 they displayed a series spectacular moves and outstanding skills. They kept on blowing they judges, dj and MCs eyes. 

After the 15 breaking battles, the MC – Elly the entertainer announced the three set of winners. 

Congratulations to BBOY KID TRIBE AND ALEX FELIE, you represented well.


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