5 NEW VOICES to watch : April Week #2

 Here are our new Voices To watch for the 2nd week of April 2021. These young, gifted and amazingly talented artists are a great force to reckon. Check out their growing discographies.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


Take a moment to dive into his inbox 0 of his painted thoughts. Creative is within the threads of his paintbrus. PAINTAFRESCO has an amazing ability to weave self-depreciation and his energy flows through his raps. He has already mastered a skill most rappers are still try to master, rhyme schemes. 


A voice that speaks with the soul. The rhythm that she unpacks pairs up with a perfect melody. We don’t doubt that SWEETNESS is an artist to add to ones playlist. Every song that she releases has a colorful wordplay to it. 


An April fools release stripped down body, NOBODY’S BUSINESS, on the 1st of April. She talks about the life she chose and no one should try to change her path. Her voice has amazing melody that you can vibe to. She is amazing. 


With no doubt ULENNI is an amazing reverse creative, with abilities to tap deep down into his intellectual creative realm. He surely has a mesmerizing sound. From the City of Kings and Queens he still has a deep linkage with his routes 


We have to agree that JANTER is definitely underrated. Not every artist is going in story telling but JANTER is an artist who managed to understand his craft. He has a particular way in writing which is a rare skill. He is painting his canvas in a way he understands and knows it best.


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