5 NEW VOICES to watch : April Week #3

We are only four months into the year and the amount of new dope content dropping from new voices is overwhelmingly compelling. Super impressive. We are strongly convinced from this week’s list we have a major blow up artist in no time. Keep your ear on the ground.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


Jae Young

We had to bring JAE YOUNG again for this week again because we believe he is an amazing artist with a super amazing melody. His new EP involves a combination of elements West Africa with a pinch of jazz and a significant amount of soul.

2 »» M KILLER 


The HIP HOP scene of zimbabwe has been through a lot. Some ups and downs. But M KILLER is an artist that proves that his craft is not mired in suffering, instead his flow offers an effortless ability to sound fly over any instrument. 

3 »» AURAH 


As Zimbabwean music grows, it also has its fingers in the diaspora. AURAH is based in Canada and she displays a significant amount folders to her body of work. AURAH does not use any formulas but her amazing voice makes her stand out. 



Talent is defined in many different stages. She hold a rare type of vocal to her name which portrays and stands her out a significant artist. She definitely has a voice that speaks to the soul and as well it hits the core of an intellectual being. 

5 »» FAYTH M


FAYTH might be Zimbabwean princess of covers. The astonishing vocals that are laid at rest for us to hear are fully rehearsed tirelessly. She is a vocal gem. She always puts up an amazing acoustic mellow vibe to her every release. 


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