Miriam Kwenda Mutize: A paediatric nurse with a heart for art

We keep celebrating amazing women who are making some great strides and inspiring generations. One woman who is impacting many lives and deserves some roses is Miriam Kwenda Mutize a self published author, a nurse, a mother, a talk show host and influencer. Her story needs to be told and celebrated.

By Plot Mhako

Zimbabwean born Mirriam Kwenda Mutize lives in the United Kingdom. She works with women and families on a voluntary basis. Miriam is a paediatric nurse, a wife and a mother. She draws on her own personal experiences, engages and supports Zim-migrant -families.

She is passionate about sustaining families and marriages so to create a safe and nurturing home environment for minors.

Born to a chief’s son, Miriam grew up in Gweru and spent time with her grandmother who was a great storyteller. This explains a lot about her personality traits.

At a tender age she migrated to Moscow with her mother then later moved back to Zimbabwe before relocating to the United Kingdom where she then settled.

An avid reader and writer who was surrounded by literature, Miriam’s desire to be an author never stopped despite pursuing a different profession as a nurse.

As a teenager she had already written three books but never got a chance to publish them.

In an interview last year with earGROUND she revealed that the book Runako Munjodzi written by N. M Mutasa is one of the reads that greatly impacted her desire to become a writer one day, a dream she has lived to see come true.

Today as a mother, a wife and a working woman Miriam Kwenda Mutize continues to defy so many odds to continue writing in her native Shona language despite having lived in the diaspora for so many years.

Her debut books Tete Volume 1 and 2 mirror the reality and life of relationships in the diaspora. A candid, witty yet compelling read that resonates with many people and situations.

Rooted in faith as a Christian, she provokes conversations and touches on very pertinent issues that relates to our daily living. She acknowledges that the support from her family, husband and brother who helps with proof reading has made it easy for her to balance her many jackets.

Apart from writing, Miriam is a talk show host for the program Tsika Lounge, a serial connector who has brought so many people together to work and collaborate on projects that have come to life.

In her free time she manages her project Dear Auntiey Mimiey which assists vulnerable families in need of support and advice.

Nagug & Auntiey Mimiey : on the Tsika Lounge set

What moves me more is that despite her many accomplishments she remains grounded and very engaging. I urge young writers to pick one of her books and tap into her wisdom.

Currently penning the 3rd edition of her book Tete, she envisions writing a script for a blockbuster film one day.

To buy the Books TETE VOL 1 & 2 click below.



  1. This is an extraordinary woman, who is humble and gifted in so many areas. A precious gift to her community. Thank Plot Mhako for articulating the great attributes of this amazing woman


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