Uncontainable! There is only one Tashamiswa

More female rappers are stepping into the game and taking over their careers. It’s a new wave of creative female artists, taking charge to clergyman their outfits and controlling their video music sets. 

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

It is impossible to ignore the powerhouse Tashamiswa. With melodic raps within her DNA. She has been building a fan base over the few months with constantly putting out amazing work. We simply can’t catch her. 


Stricking us with her eloquence. Tashamiswa’s music is rich and distinct. From a general hip hop sound we new to honest lyricism laced with what people expect her to be and with what people in the game expect her to do.

She sat the record straight when she worked on a song called BEST IN THE GAME which featured another rising star Uche Buzz. 

“ I love how this song talks about constantly being underrated and being expected to be a certain way and conform to the “zim norms” of music, esp as a female , and totally rebelling against that and doing what makes you feel good.  Special S/O to the Tashmanians and the Buzz Army. “

Tasha brings a different and energetic sound which polished and refreshing. Releasing a handful of singles and an EP two years ago ‘EST 99’. Definitely it was going to be long before masses began to catch on to Tasha’s wave. 

The underrated artist has more to offer. The is a huge difference with knowing Tasha and understanding the force of her energy. 


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