5 NEW VOICES : March Week #4

As we conclude the month of March we give you a quick review of some of the finest new voices you should check out. This is a weekly review as we seek to spotlight and amplify new voices. Artists we should definitely keep a ear and eye on. To have your music considered for the weekly reviews, send us your new music links to earground@gmail.com and include a short biography. We reserve the right to review.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


KYLA does not rely on formulas to be relevant or prove to anyone that she is there but her music and amazing voice makes her stand out. She is using her personality to and flawless energy to carve a path for herself. She released a 4 track EP, ONLY A MINUTE, last year.

I have to say KYLA BLAC is a vocal beast. 



Over the years VANNEL has been establishing himself as an RnB artist with a rare voice. His distinctive vocal and flexing his penchant on the RnB genre has got his fans certain and sure that VANNEL is a full bag of graceful talent. 


RUMBI is one of the artists who were part of the Voice2rep FREEDOM album. On WAKANAKA, RUMBI talks about the beauty each and every was given by GOD and we don’t have to change who and how we look for anyone. RUMBI continues her wide scope of motivating people through music. 


Countless singles blending melodies and rhythms to create oomph in his music, CRUISE is a vocalist who has defined himself brand. At a time like this most creatives would be looking for fame but as for CRUISE he has already mapped his road map and has discovered his purpose in the music fraternity. 


LUKKO might be one of the talked about dancehall artists right now. This may be because of his thick voice which is similar SOUL JAH LOVE’s voice. LUKKO is indeed talented despite the hate speech he has been getting from people because of his voice. In most interviews he has highlighted that his intention is not to mock the late legend but to show that he uplifted and motivated young people like LUKKO. “ LUKKO CHIMWANA CHASAURO “ 

“Souljah Love reincarnated”

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