Munash3 dreams BIG: Digital artist illustrates a clothing line

earGROUND’s Tafadzwa Gambiza had a One on One with the super talented digital artist Munash3_ who has built a name for himself as a top illustrator. Munash3_ is dreaming big and has started his own clothing line.

Q :: who is Munash3 ?

Munash3_ real name Munashe Keith Musingarabwi is a digital artist born on the 8th of August in Chitungwiza and grew up in Harare


Q :: Describe your brand in five words

Thats a tough one lol munash3 is a brand.

Q :: What made you want to start an ethical fashion line ?

Well i grew up around hip hop my older brother used to burn CDs i was exposed to hip hop culture watching the likes of 50cent Lloyd banks rocking G Unit merch Lil Wayne rocking Trukfit and also Africa watching Kwesta rocking Butan (a South African brand ) made me want to start my own brand.Also seeing local peers like Tanaka Leeroy Samkange (7.30 Apparel) this inspired me to start my own brand called Visionry meaning Vision in Action (according to my defination).

Q :: What has been the biggest hurdle you have faced as an ethical brand ?

Finance also creating links with the local acts/rappers being an underdog in the game one has to work extra hard to get attention.

Q :: As you see it, what are the main sustainability issues in the fashion industry today and how does your brand subvert them ?

I think its more adapting to change checking whats trending what the young generation is wearing etc.Well my brand (Visionry) is about one’s self awareness hence the mantra “see your trueself.I think its more of staying true to your story without cloning someone else’s craft that the only way to stay longer in the game.

Q :: You are a graphic designer as well, how are you merging fashion and graphic designing ?

Fashion and graphics work hand in hand its like mixing tea and sugar.

Q :: what does your brand represent related to Zimbabwe’s creative culture ?

My brand is about connecting the youth so that they become themselves without trying to be someone else.

Q :: You have designed portraits for some public figures. Would you say the returns in terms of profit are a good reason to stick to the game ?

Yes that is how i managed to raise money to start the brand and also put some of that money in my other business ventures yes its a good reason to stay in the game.

Q :: When can we see your brand in stores ?

As for my brand instores my vision is to create my own distrubution in stores in the same sense that i own my brand’s print production.

Q :: What are your future goals for your brand and fashion in its entirety ? And what’s next for Munash3 ?

Future goals is to work with the most talented artist i can find regardless of genre of music.Also creating the most recognisable brands to ever come out of Zimbabwe.As for Munash3_ my future is to stay loyal to my craft and inspire the youth to pursue their dreams nomatter the challenges.


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