5 NEW VOICES To Watch: March Week #3

Welcome to week 3 for the month of March as we profile 5 new must watch new artists. We have yet another exciting line-up of some amazing New Voices. We curate this shortlist each week as a way of moonlighting and promoting new artists. If you wish to be considered kindly submit your music via earground@gmail.com . Kindly note, we reserve the right to review.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

1 «« P.USH 

“ Every song has a colour “. The christian artist, P.Ush  released a 14 track album on the 5th of February. It features new voices like Dreal Nova and Perle. The wave of new talent in Zimbabwe is surely making a mark. Definitely it deserves to be on our daily playlist. 

Every song on this album surely has a colour, I took my time to really listen to it and I could dive in deep in his words, you can feel what he was feeling through his amazing story telling skills.


Photography by @aitor_pardo

The blooming career of TINA MASAWI is surely not stopping on anyone, with abilities to even dive into the retro sound on ‘ OLD SCHOOL LOVE ‘. The singer, songwriter and performing artists released her debut EP on the 11th of December last year. ‘ 19 ‘ is an EP to have on ones playlist.

I would classify it as music for every environment. 


3 «« KING BL

KING BL is setting the record straight that Zimbabwe is also a reggae nation.

The singer, song writer and producer crafts music that engages with people and relates to the day to day life of a young person leaving in the ghetto.

Recently he was part of the FREEDOM ALBUM a project by MAGAMBA NETWORK and ACCOUNTLAB. Take your time to listen to NEHANDA 


Blending. Honest lines and beats, introspection and truth to his work. The multi talented artists has worked with quite a number of artists from Zimbabwe to South Africa. The Christian Artists has an amazing ability to lower the stakes in most of his work but matches the fun. Getting underground CATS to lay down Raps on his productions, I have to applaud him for his passion for the new sound bursting out of Zimbabwe. 

Jason is establishing himself to be one of the fastest rising producers and musicians and yet still young.


I could say the new talent in Zimbabwe is surely making a mark and showing that they are ready. Crafting music that serenades the mind, MAPILLAR released ‘ KNOW YOUR WORTH ‘ on the second of January.

He is proving that has a positive and good path ahead of him. 


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