5 NEW VOICES to watch : March 2021 week #2

Zimbabwe is bursting at seams with new amazing talent and the new crop of artists are working extra hard. Each week earGROUND continues to spotlight some of the new amazing voices from Zimbabwe. Here are the 5 artists for this week to watch.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza


You will agree with me after listening to ‘ Ndiwe ‘ that this is literally love at first sound. Being her first single she really shows that she has been hiding her amazing voice from us all this time. Dreal Nova featured on ‘NDIWE’ and described the video as movie.


It is full of mesmerizing story telling skills. 


Releasing an EP project that has a colorful wordplay across melodic vocals, THE PROCESS EP does stand out as it dives in deep into the day to day love stories.

The melodic RUMBI TAURO’s project proves that it was ready for the world before it was even out. 


3 «« D-VAREEN 

The city of the Great Wall is surely proving that Harare is not the city to look into with other names like Kriss Newtone who are making a name for themselves. D-VARREN has been in the game for a while and sure building an empire for himself. He has a new single called ‘ PRAY’ the visuals on it are definitely out of this world. He has  worked with a number of artists like TOCKY VIBES on ZVINHU ZVACHO 

“ The journey has taught me quite a number of lessons”.



Having the ability to to transcend traditional ways of thinking or acting, and developing new original writing skills he is definitely a voice not to miss. The reggae track he recently dropped ‘ CHIEDZA ‘ really shows that the new talent in Zimbabwe is ready to represent. 

If creativity was a person.


5 «« MILEZ

Miles released his project called ‘ SOAR ‘ this year and he is proving to be a voice to be heard. Mike has demonstrated some great vocal range in his project SOAR.

SOAR might give you the chills 


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