Hwabaraty’s uMqakezeleni video enthralling

Award winning musician Hwabaraty last week released visuals to his song uMqakezeleni. The enthralling body of work proves that the versatile and multi-talented artist is here to stay and headed far.

By Plot Mhako

uMqakezeleni means “clap for him/her” in Ndebele.The song speaks to giving credit where credit is due and clapping for those who have earned the applause.

Every aspect of uMqakezeleni was curated with the message in mind. The costume was inspired by the Gospel of Othello, a play that was originally directed and conceptualized by Patrice Naiambana-Tribal Soul Arts.

The cinematography takes viewers on an intimate journey through the life of a warrior from the Zoria tribe, a group of people who wear all black and can be identified by their tall wooden staffs. 

Hwabaraty is a musician and cultural ambassador who has been recognized  by the Bulawayo Arts Awards for Best Alternative Act and recently by the PPC  Zimbabwe Music Awards for Best Alternative Musician. His collaborations  include Jeys Marabini, Mnqobi Yazo, Afrosoul, Asaph, Cooperman, Skhue, and Suka from Spain.

Hwabaraty believes that music is spiritual and therefore has the capacity to connect people of different backgrounds.


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