The guy they call ISHAN is damn good lier. He takes his time and produces a killer album that slaps harder than an angry slay queen, and then goes on to call to call it BHUNDU POP.  PLEASE don’t buy the lies. There is little, if  anything BUNDU in the sound of songs on BUNDU POP.

By Trevor Mawaka

I will tell you the truth, the sound is futuristic, urban and sweetly synthesised.

BHUNDU I take it is supposed to mean untamed tangle and snarl of the jungle, of which the album gives you  a  happy crispy sentimental  sound which  is more of pop than Afropop. He adds integrated polyphonous harmonies  to every chorus but in a way that doesn’t kill off the energy and vibe of the lead vocals. At the risk of saying the album is a goody two shoes project, let me say you cannot listen to BHUNDU POP and still remained stressed by the ever depressing Zimbabwean economy.


In today’s write up I share with you 3 tracks that carry the spirit of the album and will make believe this album is a keeps for everyone who loves artists that put in the work and don’t push shoddy projects in the name of art.


Maidei. (Peanut Butter) 

It’s a ravish pop number that that glides between pop in general and  the  Naija popularised afropop. It sees Ishan giving in his all on vocals. He adds captivating adlibs and extra backing vocs that add depth and texture to the song creating substance that maybe is too heavy for our ears that are used to songs like Buri and A E I O U from the Zimdancehall gangstars (sorry for the heavy language). His debonair voice that captivated you on Kure is way too slick on the joint, worse when he delivers on the well crafted hook leading into the chorus. Well as of choruses, I guess nobody doubts Ishan. If you are one who separates talent from personality, then please forget the mess he created with the Power FM interview and give the song a chance. You will love it.

Mis Ril Bad (with Tamy Moyo)

To help you picture it in, please think Bruno Mars’ sound in the days of 24 K Magic. Don’t end there, also think of Tellaman and Shekinah ‘s Whipped sound and then somehow concoct it all as an Ishan and Tamy project. The first time I heard it I went all over YouTube believing the song was a hack of some international hit as my corrupt Zimbo mentality couldn’t believe this was a purely local effort. And Damn was u wrong.

And then ISHAN has the audAcity to tell me that is BHUNDU POP. NO DAMN IT. THAT IS POP AS POP SHOULD BE. it’s classic pop, along with the in key falsetto.

Tamy of-cause mesmerises with those high notes and the very classy sound that says Tamy yeyeye. In short, this is song that can not be easily written about as it is worthy every bite of your data.

Feelings (with Nutty O)

MUSIC is beautiful. Period. That’s what I concluded when I sampled this track. This a blend of pop and dancehall. It gives a different brew that is as intoxicating as it is refreshing. Ofcourse Nutty O has always had that international artist flair to him and sure enough their Collabo can not be said to be some Bhundu project. This is good stuff meant for musical royalty. Sample it here


“The goal is to create good and enjoyable music that the people can relate to. It’s no longer about having a nice beat to cover everything but lately people are listening to how well a song is arranged, are the lyrics well thought out and what story is being told and that is what I’ve aimed for with this project.” From Greed South

I have included the traditional African drum patterns and melodies and fused them with a bit of electronic sounds hence terming the project Bhundu Pop




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