Corropt and Skate ZWE join forces

Sharing the same vision and goals and profound heritage in street culture and an uncontested commitment to the skate culture, CORROPT and SKATE ZIMBABWE have joined forces to create authentic and inspiring brand initiatives that will enable creative expression through street culture.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

“ The collaboration between CORRŌPT®️ and Skate zimbabwe is very much needed now more than ever. The time we find ourselves in as a generation can be quite detrimental and that will force a lot of young individuals to find different means of escape and skating as one of them could bring a lot of positivity into the community and culture at large. ” – TADIWA ROWAN SAKAROMBE (Director, CORROPT)


In the current environment, CORROPT and SKATE ZIMBABWE stay ahead and focus on the positive impact the partnership will bring the street culture community.

By creating initiatives and events that support street culture around Zimbabwe , this partnership will bring fans and people of interest together for the better through product collaboration.

We have a lot to work on and the ideas keep developing as time moves forward


“ It is such a great moment to witness and be part of this unique synergy in creativity between the two initiatives. The skate culture needs more of these collaborations just like we have fostered since the birth of Skate Zim. We are super thrilled and grateful to work with the emerging brand CORROPT as well the team behind it for considering us. “ – Mukudzei Nyamhamba ( Co-founder, SKATE ZIMBABWE )

Mukudzei Nyamhamba ( Co-founder, SKATE ZIMBABWE )

More exciting developments are on the horizon, and we are looking forward to the remainder of the year as we adjust to the new normal.

Mukudzei Nyamhamba ( Co-founder, SKATE ZIMBABWE )

As we might know that skateboarding isn’t easy to go out and do while there are limited recreational areas to practice skateboarding. Not forgetting that some parents might not support their children in the sport and culture. CORROPT and SKATE ZIMBABWE are stepping in to bridge the gap.

To kick things off they are working on 2021 events and initiatives and have already started creating content they will use to get more support from sponsors. They’re planning to continue highlighting how street culture helps people and supports the economy.


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