NEW VOICES : 5 New drops you must listen to #Febweek4

Every week earGROUND gives you a quick review of our top 5 picks from the latest releases as we thrive to break NEW ground and break RECORDS.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

Here are five amazing projects that we think are super awesome and deserve your EAR!


A long awaited project by Nova was just delivered to us a few days ago and it’s already climbing its way to top the charts. “ Well Novacane is a body of work that I made when I was going through the most, mental health issues are no joke and so just like everyone the past year plus has been crazy and so i made Novacane in a season where i was looking for healing “.


Dropped in the month of love, this is a project that is fully packaged, motivation, inspiration, encouragement. Mimmie has been working so hard and this project proves it. With his brother ASAPH rallying behind her with his support Mimmie hasn’t given up. ‘ THEY LOVE MIMMIE ‘ is a 4 track project with a feature on ‘ ONE TIME ‘ with ASAPH. This surely music for the ears


Over the past years Christopher well known as Kriss Newtone has established himself as one of the Raps most irrelevant prolific and prominent voices. His debut project ‘ THE AVATAR STATE ‘ highlights every single element that represents every motive with new generation.


‘ WARM TEARS ‘ is catharsis. The tape is an honest reflection on the harsh times Lucretius was going through, often leaving him in ‘ WARM TEARS ‘, as well as detailing the evolution that occurred from the day, he finished high school up until the present moment.


After being left speechless by his ‘SHELTER’ project. I would say JEONG is a prolific album. “Jeong is a concept album, my debut. I share social commentary from both privilege and as a minority. The duality is present throughout under the undercurrent are narratives that never get talked about.”


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